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  1. Hmm, it doesnt work with DxTory. And i hate fraps doesnt work that good on my pc
  2. When i try to record the fpc counter doesnt show up, and i cant record. Have you had this issue?? Or is it just me, i have tryed fraps and dxtory none of them work...
  3. I doesnt work with fraps either, and i think your wrong dude. DxTory is much better than fraps i all situations, and. The question wasnt "Whic is better" But "How can i record this stuff". Because none of the programs work, the fps counter doesnt show, up.. But it works in all other games! Im sorry if i sound negative
  4. Hey guys i love this game, and the games community on the forums! Im Danish my self and i kinda want the Danish community to see how awesome this game is. My idea was a lets play series, but when i boot up the game the fps counter for dxtory wont pop up. I really dont know what to do about it. Can you guys help??
  5. And now its implementet! Awesome suggestion, i just used it ingame! Fantastic tool!
  6. I didnt post this to say anything bad about the game. Only because i was pretty suprised when i found it, and thought it was funny.Is this a bug? Or have you eksperienced this aswell?
  7. In the middle of the berrybushes there is 3 pig houses
  8. Lollies and Cookies? How the heck do i get that stuff? (Im sorry if i sound a little negative, this insanity stuff is really pissing med off)
  9. Hi guys! Hope you enjoy the new update. Cause i dont!I always get killed from those scary shadow ****ers! How do i get my sanity down? Other than sleeping and collecting flowers?Dont say "just make the top hat or the dapper vest" Cause i wont survive up to the point where i can make these things!
  10. Hey guys, just wanted to ask a little question. What do you eat when you are on low health?
  11. Cool! I think it would be nice if Wilson gets fat when eating when not hungry (Grinding health)
  12. I think that if this should be implemented they should make so you only could save betwenn five days or so, so you can risk to lose 5 days f ingame play if you die