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Regarding the telelocator staff... also make a telelocator focus somewhere dangerous... like a swamp... or...


If playing as Wickerbottom... build a telelocator focus somwhere far and open... anywhere you would consider as isolated..., place gems... then, summon tentacles in the surrounding area around the TF... or just spam the area with tentacles... about a screen's worth around it...


Host/You: You dare burn down my berry bushes?!

*Pulls out Telelocator staff


Host/You: You. Shall. Not. Pass! Or. Rather. You. Shall. Not. Grieve!

*The telelocator staff shimmers overhead


Griever: NOOOO!!


Upon waking up, the griever finds that they have been transported somewhere... desolate... they tread carefully... their spine tingles as they see an open field of loot and skeletons... taking a step off the portal base... a tentacle arm reaches up and smacks them... running for their life, they stumble... a wall... with no time to break them... the tentacles make short work of them...


*death throes from afar... 


Host/You: Buwahahahahaha!! *cough *cough *cough... Alright, now I have to go over there and replace the gems... again T_T



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Any thoughts on how I'm going to set up a tentacle trap? Should I invite a friend and ask her to pick Wickerbottom?



It's beautiful!!


I have nothing more to add to your wonderful base except a lightning rod near the telelocator focus...


Are you the host? If so, even without a Wickerbottom, you could just DebugSpawn them but that's kinda not legit so yeah, you could recruit a Wickerbottom...


And probably set it up in a desolate area where if for a small chance that they escape, will be hard for them to come back immediately... swamp maybe?


And fill a screen's worth of tentacles surrounding the telelocator focus :-)

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Lel I did this once. It was honestly a lot more work that it was worth since you need a lot of purple gems to pull this off. I was luckily on a public server that had Maxwell enabled so there were a lot of purple gems around.


But I would definitely never do this on a server without Maxwell as a selectable character lol.


It still was pretty satisfying to use it on "That One Guy" and see in the top of the screen a couple of seconds later "<whoever> was killed by Tentacle" hahahahahahahhaah


I think I'll stick with my ice staff + gunpowder tho ;)

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