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  1. I was stupid. I read your first post as "Uninstall then reinstall the beta." I just opted out, and started the game and boom, it's the newest version. Thanks for the help! Also sorry for misreading your post and causing unnecessary hassle.
  2. Just tried it, and didn't work. I appreciate you trying to help though.
  3. I've got the same issue, but reinstalling hasn't worked the three times I've tried. (Twice with shipwrecked, once with everything) Any ideas?
  4. I thought Wendy and Abigal were "hinted" in one of the Willaim Carter puzzles, not sure which one though. Anyways they were hinted through a letter from William's brother (I think) when he states "I can't believe you still haven't seen the twins." (Something like that) And when Wendy examines Maxwell she says something about "feeling a kinship with him" (Or something like that), not sure if this counts as proof agianst Wendy as an orphan or not, of if this is even relevant to what you said so I'll leave that to you...
  5. Is it just me that wants all the creatures like this one added to Don't Starve standalone (This includes items like moonrocks)? This "Slipster" reminds me of something that Dr. Seuss would make...
  6. Did you set clockworks on more or lots, or did you just get lucky with finding all of them?
  7. . Well there is no proof that Charlie had a stage name, and Pyro was never added so the W rule is still in play and IT IS A DISORDERED WENDY. But I'm not against a new character(s) but the person in the picture is Wendy.
  8. The only reason why the W trend was broken before because Maxwell's old name was William Carter, and some people say that Mawell is evil because a M is a upside down W.
  9. Sorry but it is Wendy, look at the don't starve together beta sign up picture thing you can see every single person EXECPT Wendy if this is a "new person" what I'm saying is why would the put a brand new person in place of Wendy in that picture, It's Wendy even if it's not perfect, you try drawing Wendy in a cloudy door thing.
  10. There was already a topic about this called whos it this mystery woman, and someone pointed out in the don't starve together sign up picture with all the people in it (blacked out pictures of Wolfgang, Willow, ect) but Wendy wasn't there unless the "New charecter you are talking about isn't real" (The new person isn't real they are just Wendy)