[Exploit] - Instant chop burning tree


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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Issue Title: Instant chop burning tree
Issue Description: A dude in a server put fire a tree and chopped instantly, i will go to my default without mods for check if that a mod bug or the game, i tested it and it's the game, you can chop with only 1 hit a tree


Also, now i tested all trees

Evergreen,Lumpy and Marsh get 1 single chop if they are burned

"Normal tree" also but will don't drop living log, will drop ash and when he stops burn, he will get a burned "normal tree" sprite you cannot chop it, use a shovel


(Sorry i don't have pics because i think that you can say me if im lying, but test it in your game, also i don't have fraps for make a video)

Steps to Reproduce: burn a tree with a torch fastly you change to your axe and chop a tree with only 1 chop

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mm you could for the later game, though it's probably far more efficient to just cut trees down

Yeahj, but another thing is your friend burn a tree when you chop a tree instantly the tree will be choped and none will be consumed by fire because when you finish chop the fire will dissapear

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