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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: No clockwork monsters camp

Issue Description: Hello,

So I was playing with friends (my friend was host) and there is no single clockwork monsters camp on entire map.

He set everything on default, including clockworks. Game type Survival and Don't Starve Forever.

There are few camps with statues or marble trees, but no single clockwork monster, therefore we didn't acquire any gears.

I explored entire map, as you can see in attached screenshot.

Steps to Reproduce: No idea. It may be rare bug or something happened that I cannot comprehend.

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I have seen in the log sometimes during world generation it can't find a suitable place for a Pig King and various other set-pieces. Possibly there was just nowhere suitable for it to put the clockworks, but you can set the world to Huge which I believe would increase your chances significantly.

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I dig out most graves on the map and didn't get gears. And I think that map was indeed Large (if that's default setting).


There was no single monster that drops gears on entire map.


Anyway if it's just bad luck then everything is fine, I was just thinking that it may be a bug, I can't imagine how mad would WX-78 player would be.

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