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  1. It happens when I host. I noticed streamers have the same issue. It's not that easy to notice but once you do it can become annoying.
  2. So it's difficult to explain but when you walk, it's not perfectly smooth and ground is stuttering a bit every few steps. The character and all objects seem to be animated perfectly fine and fps is also stable 60. I am not sure if it's camera related issue or something else. I tested it without mods and it makes no difference. I play dst in a while and I just recently noticed this.
  3. You say it like killing ancient fuelweaver is easy.
  4. I wonder.. how much time does it actually take to obtain all skins in the game? Considering we get four each week? Did anyone calculate that? I remember someone posting percentage chance for each skin based on rarity, and elegant skins had like 1%?
  5. Removing snow would be amazing. But it shouldn't be too large area, 2 meters of snow-free area from firepit would be perfect.
  6. Scaled furnace? Please tell me it's another usage for dragonfly drops! That would be amazing.
  7. Hello, So I used my Star Caller's Staff for the first time just to test it and unfortunately summoned star in the middle of my camp so it starts burning everything, fortunately my flingomatics keep it in check but.. that star never went away. It's here for few days now and I don't think it's going to dissapear. Wiki says it's only suppoused to stay for 2 minutes. How do I get rid of that?
  8. Hello, Can anyone confirm if caves can now be hosted through game and are fully functional? Is that any different from dedicated server?
  9. There is milion much more destructive ways to grief than ghosts, should we also remove fire spreading etc.? Don't think so :/
  10. Ghost are fine overall. The problem with ghosts aren't ghosts, but players that use ghosts to grief (refusing to stay alive, haunting etc.). Which is ultimately problem with griefers and not ghosts.
  11. Really? That's terrible. At least it wasn't useful anyway. I feel like Willow should have natural resistance to overheating, just like Wilson has natural resistance to freezing. Wickerbottom built in science machine, I never found that useful. Getting science machine it's 10 minutes of gameplay and it doesn't matter if you already found place for base or not, you can simply destroy this science machine later. It's completly useless ability and let's not pretend that first few days matter at all, unless we don't plan to survive for more than 1 autumn.
  12. I did laugh a bit at this. When people discuss anything, of course it's partially to personal preference, why there is even need to write something like this? Especially as it apply to absolutely everything. But it doesn't change the fact that there are better and worse characters, and I think this is what this topic is about. Someone may love to play bad character, eat bad food or to have less money, so what? Personal preference it's something that shouldn't even be discussed or mentioned and we should rather stick to the facts and longterm experiences. I pretty much agree with Wusscake. With one exception - Abigail. That's my top from best to worst characters (only DST): 1. Wigfrid - Not much has to be said. Best character at survival, often best fighter. By that I mean that overall damage dealt by Wigfrid player in certain playthrough will be always higher than Wolfgangs damage. Unless you cheat and lock wolfgang hunger at full 24/7. The thing about Wolfgang is that he avoids (as he should) fight when he is whimpy, and let's be honest here, there is not always enough food to go mighty. So there is a lot those little fights like few lonely spiders, pig or some other minor enemies that just aren't worthy enough to waste food for mighty form. Wigfrid doesn't have to do this, shes partially mighty all the time. Can someone confirm 25% damage reduction? Because if it's true, then oh my god this character is op. 2. Wilson - Awesome character because has good stats and no drawbacks. Beard is really useful for insulation. People say that "freezing it's not a probem". It may not be a problem, but it doesn't change the fact that full beard DOES increase time you can stay warm and use that time to get more resources and use less resources for things like campfire. It looks like minor thing at first, but it's not. Meat effigy is super useful is you actually can make few of them. Wilson it's also most iconic Don't Starve character so that's cool. 3. Wendy - Yes, I really adore Wendy that much to put her at 3rd place. Her ghost can be either awesome or terrible. I think most annoying thing about it is that you cannot put it into "passive" mode. That means walking near Tree Guard or Tentacles will force you to wait for another Abigail. So why I rate it that high? Answer is - Silk. Silk is super important for any base. Sewing Kits, Clothes, Tents (!), it's major survival equipment and no one can farm silk that fast and basically without losing any health. Only Wendy can get 20 silk day 3 if you find few spider dens next to each other, which takes one evening. One more thing that makes that characater awesome is that high ping or lag isn't that much of an issue, and that often happens in multiplayer games. Shes also obviously terrbile at fighting stronger single foes, so Wendy should act as support character in mp games. 4. Wolfgang - I love this character but I must admit, his drawback is just as solid as his advantage. It's really hard to survive in the beggining and you absolutely cannot explore too much because you won't find enough food and you will be forced to stay in whimpy form which is just terrible. I don't entirely understand his mechanics (I based my knowledge on wiki) but from what I know is that he never actually have x2 multiplier. Well, he does for like 2 seconds when you achieve 300 hunger, than it goes down quickly along with his damage until it reaches 225, then his damage is same as Wigfrids. And 225 hunger Wolfgang require a lot of food and even more to maintain that status. Basically if you want to keep Wolfgang damage, you have to eat something all the time, even during fight. 300 Hunger>290>you must eat>300 Hunger>290>eat. Otherwise you will quickly turn into crappy version of Wigfrid. Another nice thing is 25% speed boost, but then again, for how long? One request here: Can someone check how much time it takes for Wolfgang hunger to go down from 300 (x2 damage) to 225 (1.25 damage)? 5. Spiderboy - Nice character but I am not big fan of him. If someone manage to get spiders army, I don't think there is any non-aoe foe that cannot be defeated by Webber. Being able to eat Monster meat is nice, but we use it for meat balls or other recipe anyway, most of the time. Growing Silk it's nice bonus, but you will never get as much and as fast as Wendy does. 6. Wickerbottom - I tried. I really did. I tried to make use of this character. I summoned tentacles, grew berries, put mobs to sleep and really none of this seem very useful to me. Yea I summoned a lot tentacles to get loot spiders and I got some. Then Wendy came, killed 40 of them and went away. Same with Walruses, same with bosses that Wigrid or Wolfgang can just kill in 1 minute. Berries that I made almost always caused food overload in my base and bushes to become withered quicker, passive berries growth speed it's enough. Her drawbacks are really huge. I think this character has biggest drawbacks of all other DST characters. Not being able to sleep is terrible because tent it's cheapest and quickest way to get sanity back. Not being able to eat spoiled food can bite you in the ass sometimes, especially when you are the one who caused it to spoil at the first place by overloading your base with berries, but it's not that bad just like Robot being able to eat spoiled food is not that good. I guess if you are really at the end game, playing with gunpowder and bosses and pan flute is long gone, then maybe her sleepystories is super useful. Overall this character is average and if you don't have quick access to any sanity items or food, it can be terrible. 7. Robot - At first I loved this character, being able to eat spoiled food? Awesome! But then I played and I never really felt need to eat spoiled food. Unless you don't have fridge (unlikely) or make too much food (also unlikely but happens) then there is no real use for this ability. His stats are terrible and in regular multiplayer there is just no way to get gears to nom nom. As Wusscake wrote, there is plenty other important things that require gears, and some servers (even friends only) prefer to have multiple bases which makes it even harder to eat any gears at all. Even if you someone manage to get 14 gears required to max stat, your next death (accidental deaths happen to best and most experienced players) will be most expensive death you had in Don't Starve. Being charged by lightning it's nice bonus but never happened to me. Being damaged by rain is not very painful drawback as getting umbrella is not that hard to get BUT it can be blessing sometimes becuase those little sparkles you emit while damaged by rain can keep Charlie away. It saved my life that one time when I was in terrible spot and haven't any grass on me to make torch. One important thing about him is that he doesn't really have very big drawbacks, so at worst you are just worse version of Wilson that can eat spoiled food. 8. Willow - Not much good about this character. Yea you can make torches which last longer but emit much less light, cool.. I guess. I still prefer regular torches and be able to see anything. Immunity to fire, unless. Sanity gain from fire? That is nice, but I would rather pick Wendy and make as many tents as I want.
  13. I personally don't like chester that much. Sure it's useful sometimes, when you going on very long trip or something like that, but most of the time chester is so annoyingly slow and takes enemy agro way too often. In most multiplayer games chester is left alone near fire pit anyway, so anyone can use it if he has real need for it.