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Question about equippable items.

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I have an issue with equippable items (weapons and tools).



Case 1: Axe

AddPrefabPostInit("axe",function(inst)	inst:AddComponent("fuel")	inst.components.fuel.fuelvalue = TUNING.SMALL_FUELend

​It works fine on host. But client can't use it as fuel. Client starts action, trying, trying, trying and then axe fall back in inventory.



​Case 2: Ham Bat 

AddPrefabPostInit("hambat",function(inst)	inst:AddComponent("edible")	inst.components.edible.hungervalue = 12end)

Same thing. Host can easily eat it (put on character). But client is trying for 2 seconds and then stops.


There are following steps:

1) Client takes item into cursor of the mouse.

2) Then put it on target. On himself or on firepit.

3) Then item auto equips.

4) Then character is keeping his hand in fire pit (or in mouth while eating) for 2-3 seconds.

5) Then nothing happens. Action fails and item is returned into inventory.


Probably it's action mechanics issue. Someone knows how to fix this?



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@rezecib, how and where can I do it?.. Should I do it as client or as a host?..


P.S. The mod is already on Steam. But only host can eat Ham Bat ("hambat" prefab) or cook it in campfire.

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@rezecib I did it for client but he still can't do custom actions with equippable items. Host even don't see that client is trying. It looks like he is staying and do nothing (just coming to and from campfire).

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Finally I fixed it. However it seems that is't a Klei bug.



And it's not accurate fix. Just before eat Ham Bat charater takes it to hands. Or just before cook it, he takes it into the hand. Looks strange.

2 actions in 1.


Also I added only 3 actions that I need. But there may be more actions wich conflict with equippable items.


Now I don't know what to do. I can easily replace whole function from my mod. But it's a bug! And it should be fixed officially. Right?


Ot it's not a bug? And I'm missing something? Probably there is another API way to add cookable, eatable and burnable items which are equippable?

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