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Found 6 results

  1. Yeah, not actually a musical. Guess you understand the name of the title now ☆ ☆ ☆ HALL OF SHAME/FAME☆ ☆ ☆ Mamamamamagic! Made by an amazing friend, the Dee. Welcome to the land of many doodles, some of them are bad, and the other of them dont exist mostly I've doodled a bunch of random character designs that I, nor anybody else, will probably use. They're all in a spoiler below another one of these spoilers contains a bunch of doodles i did for others. wowie I put the rest of fessional in professional. Because I am noway near pro. Criticism welcome. Slap me in the face with a fish, poison my dinner, and eat all my food. I don't mind. I'd love to improve as much as possible, so if you have to go all Gordon Ramsey on me then go ahead Former Hall Of Sh/famers! Oh, just a reminder, anybody who tries to escape shall be executed on the spot. Good day!
  2. First of all, Hi I start agayn to finish one of my own character, i still trying all in it works fine, and today i find the character can't unwrap that thing " Crumpled Package"(wetpouch), the problem is i don't know how work the action itself i read the LUA from "oasislake" to find the name "wetpouch" but i don't find it in game prefabs and in te LUA of Unwrappable i don't find nothing that can help me, it loots like easy maybe, but i don't find the path and i try to read the Player_common.lua but i don't see nothing too, if i click unwrap the character go to the item but don't make nothing. The character.LUA here, i really think it can be easy but i be blind now, i don't know how to solve, Thx For reading and sorry for my english level.
  3. Jesus Christ, that was SO close. Btw, day 531? Holy ****.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform SteamVersion Number 71214 Issue title Spider horde. oh god oh god. Steps to reproduce nothing. Trust me i didn't want this Describe your issue I don't know if this is some glitch or what, but a few of the spider queens in my game have not gone back into the ground dispite me leaving them alone for some time. I wouldn't mind, only they have continued to pop out spiders and spider warriors, so now there is a about 20-40 spiders following around the queen in one giant evil spider cloud, lost 2 meat effigies just trying to get around them. Trust me its not fun, I'm trying to get enough stuff to build a tree/bee mine/tooth trap wall worthy of game of thrones to seal off my land in the south.
  5. Welcome people! This thread is all about my animation I'm currently doing for Naipseht. Its about Wilson being hunted by some hounds, disturbing is peaceful day at the plains. I'm starting this because I'm not shure if I'm gonna make it in the time Naipseth gave me, or if I have the endurance for it. However, I'm going to submit my process here for other people who maybe want to take my 2D models (BUT GIVE ME CREDIT, PLEASE) or give me tips in Flash and maybe even their drawings (like backrounds e.g.). The music will be done by Naipseth, who asked for an animator doing the animation for them. It all will be uploaded on my channel. Thank you for reading, Germolin
  6. when i press the space bar i want it to do these actions in this order: 1. if there are hostile mobs within range - ATTACK 2. if equipped with a net - CATCH NEAREST INSECT (not to pick up petals!! you can still pick up petals if you click on them with the mouse) 3. if your inventory is full and there are no hostile mob in range - PICK UP FIRST STACKABLE ITEM IN INVENTORY 4. that's all i can think of now but i'm sure you guys can think of some other actions to put in number 4.