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I need an exterminator...

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I started a fresh world with Wigfrid, and I thought it would be a good idea to set frog rain to "lots" for an easy food source.


As if I ever needed it.


I currently find the area near my base overrun with frogs, and killing them is a pain due to their aggressive nature.


Any good ways of clearing them out?

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I would recommend a combination of things.  

First of all, make as many traps as possible.  Set them everywhere and be diligent about checking and resetting them.  In addition to this, if you can set up any lureplants and/or spider dens nearby (not in your camp) do that as well.


Secondly, as I am sure you have already noticed if you hit one frog many others in the vicinity will chase after you.  Use this to your advantage by luring them through your field of traps, lurepplants, spiders, beefalo herd, tentacles, pigmen or any other mob that will do the fighting for you.


Of course, wear armor, helmet and have a weapon.  However, ideally you shouldn't have to actually kill many of them yourself.

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