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"Pause Button" Enable/Disable Option for LAN

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Saw this thread where people were pretty against a "pause" button: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/38173-please-implement-a-pause-button/?hl=pause


Abuse issues seem to be centered on remote joining of servers with people you don't know, and how un-fun that would be. How about for LAN purposes?


Either "host only can pause" or "anyone can pause" or both or neither if not enabled. Or any flavor in between, whatever is lowest hanging fruit for implementation purposes.


My desired use case: I play on a LAN with a bunch of friends. We make an evening out of it, and it's great. We're all easygoing and playing co-op, and when someone's beer runs out or someone needs to use the restroom... their either a drag on the party / die, or they go without beer, or we save and quit the server every hour or so. Not so fun.


Pausing solves this, whether we all do it or we ask the host to do it. We all just want to get another beer or use the restroom, or take a break to get a snack or something. Quitting out isn't so great.


And for me, specifically the un-pausable "go go go" mentality of the game in a co-op environment is turning one of my LAN group off. So I'ma post this! It could always be optional / LAN-only / clearly displayed as a server setting so people who don't want it don't have to participate.


If it's a big pain to implement maybe not, but if it's easy (e.g. it's already in DS singleplayer, flip the switch) it'd be hugely nice for me.

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@quetzalpie, I think Seth said somewhere that host being able to pause the world is definitely planned, as well as an afk feature (which both clients and host can use) that at least protects you like a pause would.


But yeah, I agree that this should be high priority. It's really exhausting to play the game right now.

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Yeah, the no-pause, no-afk nature of the game as-is is very exhausting. I sometimes just have to wait an hour to pee because I'm host and I'm so irritated of afkers who die from hounds, starvation, insanity, or just plain non-contributors that I don't want to be one of them.. 

I am so happy those features are coming, but, for me they can't come soon enough.

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It's really exhausting to play the game right now.





You do also PLAN your meals and bathroom breaks around this game?


I feel like before I build a camp in-game, I also need a "camp" in real life. Phone and charger? Check. Snacks? Check. Water/drinks? Check.


And after playing nonstop 6-hour long games for 5 consecutive days, I've had to make sure my eyedrops are on my desk too. Oh, the meta...


Let's hope they add a pause feature before we resort to stocking an electric kettle and some instant ramen within reach too.

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