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Make Creatures(Beefelo, Pig, bees etc.) follow/attack me

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@rezecib, I actually figured out a really simple way to 'hack' it together by using Actions.


@Crazybait24, the following code will get you started on your way to making this a reality, however, you will need to put in a lot of time and effort to actually finish it. This code will specifically contains key press/down handling, communication from client to server and a demonstration of how it works by altering your health upon key press.



local function OnKeyPressed(inst, data)    --if data.player == GLOBAL.ThePlayer then        if data.key == GLOBAL.KEY_T then            print("T key has been pressed.")             if GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then                -- Since we are the server, do the action on the server.act.target.components.health:SetCurrentHealth(1)act.target.components.health:DoDelta(0)            else                GLOBAL.SendRPCToServer(GLOBAL.RPC.DoWidgetButtonAction, GLOBAL.ACTIONS.BECOMEBAIT.code, inst, GLOBAL.ACTIONS.BECOMEBAIT.mod_name)            end        end    --endend Wilson = function(self)    self:AddComponent("keyhandler")     self:ListenForEvent("keypressed", OnKeyPressed)         return selfend AddPrefabPostInit("wilson", Wilson)  local BECOMEBAIT = GLOBAL.Action()BECOMEBAIT.str = "BecomeBait"BECOMEBAIT.id = "BECOMEBAIT"BECOMEBAIT.fn = function(act)            act.target.components.health:SetCurrentHealth(1)            act.target.components.health:DoDelta(0)            return trueend AddAction(SETHEALTH)  



local KeyHandler = Class(function(self, inst)   self.inst = inst   self.handler = TheInput:AddKeyHandler(function(key, down) self:OnRawKey(key, down) end )end) function KeyHandler:OnRawKey(key, down)  if (key and not down) and not IsPaused() then      ThePlayer:PushEvent("keypressed", {player = ThePlayer, key = key})    elseif key and down and not IsPaused() then      ThePlayer:PushEvent("keydown", {player = ThePlayer, key = key})  endend return KeyHandler  


Alter the BECOMEBAIT.fn to suit your needs. This will get you started with the set-up, next you will need to figure out how to make creatures follow you.


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Actually thinking about it... With this code you sent me why would I need to have them just follow me? My character is on the workshop but I'm editing in some things and making it more then just a character but what I am getting at is if I use said code I will be able to do what I was wanting... I just wanted to make my character get attacked/followed by creatures which is what you did in the code(hopefully not 100%, haven't tested it). With them now being able to attack me with key_t my character no londer has to hit said beast to make it mad. So in any case I'll just try that later after finishing a character for a friend.. Thanks @Kzisor and @rezecib I might just be able to make this work in a way that I need it to.

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@Crazybait24, the code that I posted, doesn't make creatures attack you. It displays how to use key handlers and RPC in a simple fashion through adding a new Action.


if you are wanting to get creatures to follow and/or attack you, you will need different code and or actions on the server. However, what I posted fives you a great start.

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