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Just killed the Spider Queen.


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Well she dropped some spider eggs, some monster meat, and quite a bit of silk. Nothing particularly special though. With a bit of practice though, it seems kinda like it would be easy enough to use her as a source of silk that is arguably easier than trying to assault a tier 3 spider nest and getting your face torn off by an angry mob of jumping spiders. Her melee attacks are slow enough that they are easy enough to dodge, making her easy to kite. Every once in a while she will birth a spider or even a jumping spider, but even jumping spiders aren't so tough when they are by themselves. It really wasn't a problem. Since food seems to have become more scarce with the last update, I was happy with my pile of 16 or so monster meat that came from the fight. Spent the next two days in my camp cooking it all up in my crock pots. I DID die once during the fight which used up one of my amulets, but that was more to an unfortunate mistake that I made during the fight than it being truly extraordinarily difficult.

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Yes, they're not particularly challenging (much less than 4 jumping spiders at least) and don't drop anything special. It seems their only purpose is to propagate the spider dens, which is a great dynamic in itself.

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