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  1. That new hat Kevin put in the game... Has anyone noticed anything that happens when they wear this hat besides the snow? Any change in animals or anything or is it just for looks?
  2. How do you catch a bird? Do you use a bird trap? - - - Updated - - - How do you catch a bird? Do you use a bird trap?
  3. Did anyone see this little thing in the bottom left hand corner? Wonder what that is...
  4. The only thing you can farm from that is the silk considering the spiders eat any of the meat + pig skins and pigs also eat monster meat + normal meat. Better off taking a few pigs with you and attacking the nests and grabbing everything quickly.
  5. I really hope this or next update has the XP gain while playing so I can switch characters without killing poor Wilson.
  6. Use Ctrl click, that separates them from the stack. Glad you are liking the game!
  7. I always carry around a stack of supplies in case of emergency. Twigs, flint, rocks, logs, and grass. Besides that I usually always have my backpack, spear, and football helmet so I'm always protected and have room in my inventory. Most of the time I have gold tools as well considering I'm loaded on gold.
  8. I did see something very similar to this while I was playing, except instead of loads of manure it was loads of pinecones. They were piled up just like that. Very strange.