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The Sack and Various Backpack Complaints

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The Sack:


Its a 6 slot backpack, but it goes in your hand slot.  It loses 20% durability every time you hit something with it, so if you accidentally hit spiders with it too many times, it breaks apart and all your items fall on the ground.  


Its made of grass/silk/pigskins in some combination.  


You can plant it to make it act like a chest, and right click it to pick it back up again.  

If you switch weapons you drop it on the ground, but it acts the same way the backpack does now, you can't loot it, only pick it back up again until its planted.  


The Krampus Sack should act like a sack instead of a backpack, he obviously can't carry a weapon.  




On Backpacks:


At the end of the day, I think what I really want is to be able to use backpacks as a chest instead of having 10 of them sitting empty uselessly in my base as player after player wanders in from his long trek from the portal with his backpack and drops it on the floor.  


I use backpacks to transport tall bird eggs from our egg pile to the crockpots.  Its bothersome checking which ones are full or empty when theres no good way to pick where it will fall down.  

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The sack sounds interesting, though I'm not the right person to discern balance. You should probably also mention what you think it's damage output should be? Is it stronger than a spear, but weaker than a ham bat, etc.?


As for managing multiple empty backpacks in your camp, the trick to properly dropping backpacks right where you want is with body armor(grass suit/log suit/marble suit/etc). But first you should be wearing the empty/full backpack that you want to drop in a specific place. Now stand where you want the backpack to be, then wear the armor. Doing so, will drop the backpack right where you are standing.


So now you can drop empty backpacks in one specific spot and when you need an empty backpack, you simply pick one up from there. Likewise this way you can also have a small piles of grass/twigs/log-filled backpacks neatly stacked in in their own specific spots in your camp.


The thing about using dropped backpacks as chests, wherein you can just access the items inside if the backpack is on the floor that would only make actual chests obsolete. People will just end up having a way to have chests* for only 4 grass and 4 twigs as opposed to 3 boards and that just doesn't feel right. 


Anyways, hope the trick I mention above helps with managing your camp. Cheers.

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  Its bothersome checking which ones are full or empty when theres no good way to pick where it will fall down.  


Not sure what you mean here. You can drop the backpack wherever you want just by clicking on it. I forget if it's right click or left click, but I drop mine whenever I want.

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This would affect balance a lot, so it would need a lot of consideration. Carrying a Krampus Sack plus a backpack would be pretty overpowered if it adds up to let you carry 22 slots, but I dislike the idea of nerfing the Krampus Sack, since it's such a rare item. I think stacking carrying space is the biggest issue with this idea.


While we're talking about backpack-like items, it might be fun to have a hat that lets you store things in it. There are some traditional hats in the real world that people (used to) use as a practical way of carrying their belongings.

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LOL, slapping enemies with a bag.  And then your eggs get crushed, rabbits get instantly killed inside, and ingredients randomly fly out, or it rips and everything flies out.  Maybe it should be an April Fools prank item. 


Maybe instead of for the hand, it can be for the head.  Like a Santa's Cap, but only available during the holidays.

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