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  1. If you dump pacu in a 16x3 pool with 1000 polluted water in first two layers, and 700 polluted water in the third layer, then view their navigation paths, your pacu will be restricted to second layer. If you quit and reopen the game, their navigation path will update and show the third layer. This stops them from eating from feeders if the feeder only reaches the third layer.
  2. My two colonies can see each other working, just behind the black cloud on the edges of the screen. The right side of leafera is showing me the left side of nikona. Only visible because certain sprites and effects aren't blanked out by the dark edges.
  3. Launched a rocket full of water pumped in from my rocket port. Built a new rocket, added and removed lots of parts, both exterior and interior. Didn't touch the liquid rocket port. Pipes were taking damage from freezing, liquid rocket port was farthest away, having to go through both a gas rocket port and a solid rocket port. Solid rocket port was not connected to input or output. Sat for 20-30 minutes trying to fix freezing pipes, destroy and rebuild liquid rocket port, remove and add liquid tanks. Nothing worked. Quit out and loaded save, water starts loading in. Seems the rocket ports can get out of the sync with the landed rocket.
  4. Reloading the previous save fixes the issue, same ladders, but now dup can use them.
  5. Nails was sent to a nearby planet on a recon mission. He successfully built a landing pad, landed the rocket, climbed back in, and blasted home. When he returned home, I destroyed the trailblazer module instead of rebuilding it. Everything shifted down. Nails could not leave the rocket any more. I tried adding and removing him from crew I tried setting all access vs crew access Mousing over the interior door in the interior view stated that duplicants were stopped by access restrictions. No other duplicant could enter or leave either. There were multiple layers of ladders in all directions and all heights directly surrounding the rocket and other duplicants could climb right up to the outer doors.
  6. Water isn't flowing through my open mechanized airlock. Toggling automation sensors off and on manually brings everything back into sync, and water begins flowing again.
  7. Trying to make a slickster CO2 to Oil pit, but the slicksters keep getting stuck in the walls as I'm building them. Once stuck, they hang out in the wall tile forever.
  8. I noticed one of my dupes was suddenly at 40% immunity. I found Nisbet in the idle state in the North East slimelung fields. I moved her back into my base manually. Her status then read Moving To Safety, and she pathed right back to the slimelung fields. I had her run across the map to the southern magma pits, she pathed back to the slimelung fields. I assigned her a medbed, she healed up, and pathed back to the slimelung fields. Over 10 cycles or so, I occasionally found her at the west end airlocks, still attempting to move to safety, (not into slimelung fields, just out west), until she would put on her exosuit, realize she wasn't in danger, take off her exosuit, and fear for her life again, on repeat until I moved her back inside. Nisbet's description constantly read Moving To Safety (Something like... "this duplicant is getting out of here"?) She was able to do tasks as normal, this seems to have only overridden her idle state. Issue disappeared upon saving and loading the save. Wish I had more... Nisbet was a master miner, a narcoleptic, and wore a snazzy suit. Her health was not full, maybe mid 90s, unclear if she ever tangled with a hatch. Base was safe enough for the other 39 dupes. Had good amounts of oxygen all around, was generally on the hot side, maybe 50-60 degrees C. I think she was the only one with a snazzy suit, but she was not the only narcoleptic.
  9. Looks like any dupe that dies from 0 health says slain in combat. Meep died in an epic battle where he idled in hot water. This was followed by 120 seconds of my not understanding how to assign him a med bay, given that his brother Meep had the same name. RIP Meep.
  10. I have a U shaped water basin around my farms. The left side of the U is 3 columns wide. I decided to drain the left side of the U by opening an airlock 1. The other side of the U drains extremely slowly. (But did drop a little bit) Appears that water doesn't really feel pressure sideways, may be working as intended. 2. The central column of the draining side did not drain at all, creating a 1 tile wide column of water surrounded by vacuum and carbon dioxide. The top of the column of water is in a mesh tile under a thermoregulator. Further, water is dripping onto the thermoregulator on the tile adjacent the mesh tile from above. Maybe this is relevant somehow? This looks like a bug in choosing where water is taken from when draining.
  11. Added 3 abyssalite tiles by accident. Marked them for deconstruction, then immediately mapped over them with sandstone tiles. (All in one pause I believe) Duplicants happily destroyed the abysallite tiles, delivered 200 kgs of sandstone, and never actually built the new tiles, even when marked priority 9. Canceling tiles dropped the delivered sandstone, and redesignating caused dups to immediately deliver and build.
  12. My Dup is dead. Furthermore, my Dup cannot breathe. The interface alerts me to this. I wonder, is it because he has (had?) slimelung?