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Wickerbottom is my least favorite character due to the limited numbers of abilities she possesses. So I came up with ideas for her to expand upon the 'knowledge' she knows even more! My ideas are to base her powers with witchcraft and magic-like perks to outdo her foes. I feel like Wickerbottem would make a great asset for players who are working with their friends in the upcoming Don't Starve Together multiplier expansion. Here are some examples of the few I came for myself.

Fill free to comment more ideas on what you think should be added to help enriches her fantasies.


NOTE: These are my ideas for which I think that should be added to the game, or suggested for more Wickerbottom's Book arsenal.


---[book PERKS!]---

A Faint for lief's anguish:

Health (-20) is sacrificed in exchange for sanity recovery (+37). Also boost's your increasing sanity by 20% for one minute.

Uses: 3

Health lost: -12

Sanity gain: +37

Boost duration: 1 minute

(Green Caps are way easier to use and gather, I say it should at least downgrade the players health by -3 or -5 for a fair act of balance)


Frozen Heart (or the cold shoulder!):

Temporary Freezes all nearby enemies, buying you some time to escape from sudden doom. Aggro's neutral mobs as well!

Uses: 2

Sanity cost: -55

(Recipe requires Deerclops Eyeball, Blue Gem, and some Nightmare Fuel)


The Shining (Witchcraft at it's finest!):

Sanity (-50) cost. Hands free portable light source at it's finest! Not only emits glowing arrays of beams from the characters' bodies, but also leaves a fading trail of light as you wonder. The more sanity you have, the brighter you are. It will make a perfect toy when exploring the caves with your closest friends and ally!

Uses: 3

Duration: 5 minutes

(Recipe requires all types of shrooms, Purple Gem, and Yellow Gem.)



---[TEMP. BUFFS books!]---


The mite of Charlie:

Sanity (-50) exchange for temporary increase melee damage. (Usable only in the night or in Caves.) Uses: 2

Duration: 3 minutes

Sanity cost: -50


Ivory Irony: (The counter buff!)

Damage received are damages dealt(returned), meaning that when a foe attacks you for armor-less health damage, your next attack will deal the same amount of health damage you received. If attacked while wearing a Grass Suit, counter buff would increase that health received by 30% (just to scale things off). Log Suit or Football Helmet will increase the counter buff by 50%. Other armors and whatnot's, etc.

Uses: 3

Duration: 4 minutes

Sanity cost: (-60)


Peer Reviews:

Allows you to enable enchantments (books) to other people in your posse. When active, the next book you use will apply to a nearby posse who are closer to you.

Uses: 4

Duration: Variety types

Sanity cost: -40



So These are my thoughts and ideas. What do you guys think? Answer below the comments about your thoughts or cool ideas, and win a chance of receiving a Gold Nugget!


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Wickerbottom may be a lil' bit boring compared to Woodie or Wolfie, but those perks don't make sense to me. And the abilities seem too complicated. Sharing spells seems broken since that only works in multiplayer, where Wickerbottom already is invaluable (she's not in yet, though, so maybe she won't), but not in singleplayer, where she could do with more unique playstyle.

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Well, the perks part are supposedly just more books by it self, like the Applied Horticulture for example. It gives you the ability to power farm. I wanted Wickerbottem to be as fun or interesting like the others characters in the game, like Maxwell. But as of right now, she's not doing a very good job doing so by herself. The ideal reason behind this was to point out the different possibilities she could use, since she only can use 5 books atm, it seems rather dull for her to know.

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Wickerbottom is my second fav, she's pretty solid during the start of the game due to her science boost, and she's awesome further along due to the damage her books can cause. I'm not sure what you mean about making her more "fun and interesting" when she can put beefalo to sleep then summon tentacles to smash them to bits :p 

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First of all, that was a pleasure to read because of the layout.

Now to address the issue: honestly, I'm torn. I agree in the sense that Wickerbottom is also my least favourite character; however, having read other people's responses, I have to admit that some characters are better suited for use by different people because of the variety of choice of play styles.

I would like to see Wickerbottom be a character I would personally use, but do I really need to use her? Wendy suits my play style to a T, so I guess not.

Although, I do think this would be a fantastic idea for a mod. It was a really good suggestion.

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