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How do I use smallbirds effectively?


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After reading the wiki, stating that smallbirds are a good way to collect feathers and morsel, I thought I should give it a try. After all, I have always rely on the slow and unreliable traps to collect feather and smallbirds look sooo cute.


Hatching only takes 3 days, but it seems to take forever.


After the smallbird was born, I tried experimenting with him to attack snowbirds.Sure, the birds didn't run away from my little pet. But all it did was make a battle cry and hop very slowly to the target. By the time it reached the target, the target flew away -.-


When I issue an attack on the snowbird repeatedly, the smallbird will keep making battle cries and hop slowly. And peck once. and did nothing else. I couldn't kill a single snowbird with smallbird for one day. And it comes to an end when a deerclops came attacking us.


So, how do I use smallbirds to farm feathers effectively?

Either this, or I'll go back to my multi bird cage farm. 

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