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  1. I moved 3 rock lobster from cave to surface and after awhile I moved them back to the cave. After 20 days later, my surface is full of rock lobsters ( around 20) I don't know how they reproduced, it might be bugged.
  2. I think you should make a full guide on how to survive in a cave alone. Like, how to deal with every features of cave.
  3. Thanks for the video! I never thought that dragonfly would despawn if he fell asleep. I also checked some of your other videos, your 900+ days in "always night" is awesome.
  4. I will try to keep you busy so here goes another one. So I followed your tips against depth's worm. I went to my cave and killed around 7 of them with the help of rock lobsters. However chester died in the process dropping around 20 nitres and a SINGLE rock lobster ate all of them in one swoop. * Where can I farm more nitres aside from boulders(almost extinct)? It is my only way out from dragonfly (gunpowder) * Is it really true that depth's worm spawn every 3 days and spawns 6 of them? * rip nitres
  5. Mmh another question, how do you deal with multiple depths worm? Or even a single one?
  6. Thanks, looks like I need to practice with my boomerang.
  7. Most of the time I fed them to a pig for werepig drops. If not, you can use it for Honeyham (1 Honey, 1 Normal Meat, 1 Monster Meat and 1 filler).
  8. How to effectively summon krampus? I have seen methods but it takes a lot of time (glommer's method) and etc.
  9. Seeing that the majority of the players are 21 and above, I felt relief since that means when I reach 21 it wouldn't be a surprise for other people.