Combat Ideas-hunger, monster speed

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Ive been playing a lot of don't starve in the past two days and I almost starved many times while being chased around my monsters. I'm wondering if you could add some way to heal yourself or quickly eat food while in combat.

This isn't so much of a problem with slower monsters where you can just run away and eat some food. im talking about when you have a faster enemy that you can't run away from (beefalo, tallbirds ,dogs and some other monsters i havent seen yet)

I was wondering if you could put in an attack that does some sort of stun for a few seconds. like hitting the ground with a weapon would stun nearby monsters or making your character do a kick which stuns a monster. this would give the player enough time to run away or quickly eat some food to heal or regain some hunger. One con baout it would be that players could simply spam the stun, so you could make it so that you can only stun when you are low on health or hunger, and there is a decent cool down on the attack. (it could also possibly damage your weapon a lot more)

My other idea was to have a food item that you could make out of a common food item which you can use without stopping to eat. it would only give you a little bit of food and very little health, but you could prevent yourself from getting killed due to starvation.

Sorry if i write too much ._.

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If you constantly almost starve to death getting chased by monsters, that's on you. It's up to you to plan and make sure you go into combat with a full belly. I can't even imagine how hungry you must be letting your character get to almost starve to death from being chased by monsters that give up after you've run in a straight line for about ten seconds.

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