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Autocompiler error (scml)


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EDIT: Solved! Spriter accidentally tried to index another file. Removing the empty index using an text editor solves the error.


I'm trying to compile a spriter project with the (Steam) Mod Tools autocompiler (I've done that several times) but the compiler gives an export error:



There is no "body.png" in my project, but a "body" folder with pngs in it.

The project download (zipped): -removed-


Any ideas? @Cheerio?

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While I'm not cheerio, I'm gonna bet it's complaining about line 8 in scml file


It's not referenced anywhere else in scml as far as I can get, so I'd just remove the line and try again


Thanks for the quick reply!

Of course it has to be that line, a texture without dimensions is pointless...


It works now! Thanks again for helping a noob like me :encouragement:

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