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Help with somethings..

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Helo guys, sorry for my english... I'm Brazillian..


So, i have some questions to do about DST, can someone help?


1 - I can play DST with my friends in LAN? Using a IP Local? (not at same PC)  


2 - I can use console commands for changes status and give itens?? (hunger, life, etc)


3 - I can host a servergame without launch the game and login into my character? Just host server..


4 - Have any mod to change the gameplay?





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So you can help me to do the 1ª and 2ª questions?


What commands i need to use, what i need to do to play in local game? cuz i tried to set "LAN" when before a game, but my friends, at my side have 50~80 ping...


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For 1. I won't be able to help you too much with it, but I found this link that seems very informative, maybe it will help you. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/44951-together-on-local-area-network/

There have been some bug tracker threads regarding LAN, it's possible there's a bug or something going on with it? (I really don't know for sure! I'd wait on someone more knowledgeable to say. But the game still is in beta and that stuff could happen from time to time.)


For 2. Check out this link: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/45192-console-commands/ That has some good information to start with and also some links to sites with lists of command and "prefabs" what the items or structures are named, to be able to type them into the command.


For 3, to expand on what Desblat said, when you are at the character select screen that will start your map. You don't have to choose a character for the map to start, I mean. They are also working a pause feature for other players as well as host.


For 4, I have no idea about the steam workshop, but I have some great links Rezecib posted. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/43773-dont-starve-together-mods-faq/  And this is the bundle to download. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/41608-dst-functional-ui-mod-bundle/ Rezecib knows way more and can help you with this stuff, if he wants to expand on it :)!


Hope those links are useful for you!

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