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Can't Buy Don't Starve Together for my friends

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I told my group of 4 friends that I would buy them Don't Starve Together when it came out. When I went in to buy it, there was only the Frontier pack and not the game by itself. I bought it and sent the first gift copy away, but now I can't buy any more copies to purchase as gifts. As if to make the matters worse, the frontier pack is showing up as $20 for my friends. Is there any other way I can still gift them the game?

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You lucked out earlier, and got in before the system caught on. If you currently own DST, you cannot buy the Frontier Pack for yourself (since you already own the game). Steam also will not let you buy it as a gift because it's considered "stacking discounts" (ie, you're buying and gifting reduced-price copies of a game when others are unable to receive the same inexpensive price). You can still gift the Mega Pack though (which is Don't Starve, RoG, and 2 DST keys).


Or do you mean that they already own Don't Starve, and are trying to buy the Frontier Packs (since you can't anymore) and are seeing it at $20? If that's the case, it's a bug with Steam/Valve right now. Some people suspect it may be due to purchasing the vanilla game through HumbleBundle rather that Steam directly, but no confirmation on that yet.

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