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Hello i am looking for someone that want to trade(sell) 1 don't starve key for a 5 euro game on steam or maby 2 keys for 10 euro game, i aslo got a free extra key for the game natural selection 2 wich i also can trade for 2 keys (The game costs 22,99 so it's a great deal! for you...) but since i can't buy the game i am ready to make that trade:)if you are intrested you can private message me or just add me on Steam 94hampe51.

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Is the "Natural Selection 2" still available? I would be interessted, but unfortunately don't have 2 "Don't Starve" keys. Maybe you are interessted in some in-game items for "Team Fortress 2" (quite a lot) or "Portal 2" (only 2 items)? Maybe you've got some other trading idea? Just let me know!

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