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  1. Hello i am looking for someone that want to trade(sell) 1 don't starve key for a 5 euro game on steam or maby 2 keys for 10 euro game, i aslo got a free extra key for the game natural selection 2 wich i also can trade for 2 keys (The game costs 22,99 so it's a great deal! for you...) but since i can't buy the game i am ready to make that trade:)if you are intrested you can private message me or just add me on Steam 94hampe51.
  2. Any one in the mood of trading?

    Got to day 8 and then the hunger got me... love the game. thanks alot Excess!
  3. can't purchase because...

    This fuckes up my tries of purchase''Your bank may take an additional fee for the transaction.''
  4. can't purchase because...

    My English is bad but I can try to explain when I buy things online I use a kind of security card called E-card and when to pay both the additional fee to the bank and pay for the game the E-card doesn't know that there is another sum that also must be paid. So the additional fee only gets paid. I am from Sweden.
  5. I am trying to buy the early beta with my Visa card and it just doesn't work and i get the message''Your credit card has been declined. Please choose another payment method or contact your credit card issuer so that it can approve the purchase.''is it some kind of bug or why does it decline my tries?! please help me i want the game...