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  1. Like Zind already said: It's temporary. To be a bit more precise: You may select a standard keyboard layout in windows and the other layouts that are istalled (or that you've installed) are the "switchable" additional layouts.I'll give you a small explanation how to change the standard layout or add new layouts. But since every Windows version has a bit of diffent naming style and menu navigation I can't give exact orders for everyone. Further I'm using a german version, so I "retranslate" to english and add the german names in brackets. The following is based on german windows 7 with control panel view switched to "small symbols" (kleine Symbole) NOT switched to "Category" (Kategorie): Open "Control Panel" (Systemsteuerung) Open "Region and Language" (Region und Sprache) / WinXP: something like "Locale Settings" Open the tab "Keyboards and Languages" (Tastaturen und Sprachen) Press button "Change Keyboards..." (Tastaturen ändern...) In the Window "Text Sevices and Input Languages" (Textdienste und Eingabesprachen)"Standard Input Language" (Standardeingabesprache) is the standard keyboard layout. "Installed Services" (Installierte Dienste) are the installed keyboard layouts.button "Add..." (Hinzufügen...) let's you add more layouts, also different styled layouts of the same language. button "Remove..." (Entfernen...) let's you remove the selected layout. button "Properties..." (Eigenschaften...) let's you see the actual layout and change it's icon. buttons "Move up" (Nach oben) and "Move down" (Nach unten) let's you sort the layouts and languages wich takes effect on the order when switching the layouts using Alt+Shift. Note on "different styled layouts of the same langage": E.g. on the standard german layout caps lock doesn't effect some keys, while there is a "IBM style" german layout which effects all keys (usefull for programmers). Some layouts are also designed for multilingual minorities in various countries. Very few languages are also used to have multiple keyboard layouts as a standard to be able reach all needed glyphes. By the way, there is a official tool from Microsoft, which let's you design your own keyboard layouts starting from zero or starting from a already existing one: A usefull reference sheet can be found on wikipedia: I've used this tool to add turkish letters to the german layout for a friend of mine. It's really easy to use if you are a bit into coding or (hopefully white hat) hacking. But since this all is windows specific: please don't stop working on your great hack! (I do not really have do mention, do I? ) I'd really like to know how this is done... My program just runs fine (except some minor bugs and some missing features), but it is always recognized as malware. Since I'm (a bit) handicapped, too... The idea was triggered, when I saw the onehand-keyboard of a (what a surprise) one handed friend, which looks like a mouse with five keys. Very cheap to produce, but is sold for a few thousand euro!!! No joke! When I asked him why he bought such a ******* thing he just answered: "It's paid by the national health insurance and there is no alternative existing (which is suitabe for handicaped people)." This made me really angry! As far as I know the producer slowly raised the price, everytime after it was accepted as a "medical help for handicapped" by law, which makes the national health insurance have to pay for it, although the product has not been "updated" for over 20 years! This is IMHO exploiting this very good law! So I decided trying to programm a software alternative, since you can achive the same (if not better) results by reconfiguring a standard keyboard.
  2. Come on guys, it's completely normal, that after harvesting the grass you see love and peace everywhere! Wait a minute... now I understand why grass has been removed as a filler for the crock pot!!! (sorry for digging out this old thread, but I couldn't resist... )
  3. Nice! I give you 10 out of 10 Evita singing Madonnas for that! BTW, Windows users can also easily change the keyboardlayout of the current active application with the following key stroke combo: press and hold left Alt key press and release left Shift key release left Alt key Of course, the english keyboard layout has to be installed, but this is (as far as I know) the default case for most languages and windows versions. (In my case german and windows xp or windows 7) [offtopic] I wonder if Autokey is recognized by virus scanners as malware (keylogger) or not... Can somebody give me information about that? Can't test it by myself at the moment. I do ask this, because I'm programming a tool (as a hobby) which makes it possible to bind doubleclick style keys and stuff like that (target users are physically handicapped people). But I've got the problem, that nearly every virus scanner is detecting it as a keylogger, because it IS (kind of a) keylogger, internally. I wonder how other programmers are getting rid of this problem... (for coders: I intercept and manipulate the keystrokes by setting a keyboardhook using the Windows API) [/offtopic]
  4. Well, the game is really looking much better with this smooth 60Hz animation and scrolling, but it's quite problematic, that the game decides by itself if the player has got a "fast computer" or not. There should be a option in the settings menue like "computerspeed: fast/slow/automatic". Here's the reason why: I'm running the game on a laptop and the game seems to rate my PC as a "fast computer". This is true in the first place (although "fast" is a bendable definition), but after playing some time the computer is getting really hot (like many laptops/notebooks/netbooks do when gaming) and the processor is automaticly clocked down (done by the hardware, not the OS). Now my computer is actually a "slow computer", which makes the game stumble. Of course, it might be a solution to implement a runtimecheck, if the computer is "still fast", but that would make the game switching back and forth the frame rate or (matter of actual implementation) would make the game running smooth at the beginning and "unsmooth" after a while. So I suggest the already mentioned three state option "computerspeed: fast/slow/automatic" with the default state "automatic", since this would be OK in most cases. Keep on the good work! Don't Starve rocks!
  5. If you're asking me: No... exactly the opposit direction. I do have one extra copy of "Don't Starve" on Steam and do want NS2.
  6. Is the "Natural Selection 2" still available? I would be interessted, but unfortunately don't have 2 "Don't Starve" keys. Maybe you are interessted in some in-game items for "Team Fortress 2" (quite a lot) or "Portal 2" (only 2 items)? Maybe you've got some other trading idea? Just let me know!
  7. Is the "Natural Selection 2" still available? I would be interessted, but unfortunately don't have 2 "Don't Starve" keys. Maybe you are interessted in some in-game items for "Team Fortress 2" (quite a lot) or "Portal 2" (only 2 items)? Maybe you've got some other trading idea? Just let me know!
  8. 1. [i'm not 100% sure if I've accidently done a wrong click but:] Steam cloud might not be working correctly in some cases. I played the game one time in "steam offline mode". When getting back to online mode Steam recognized differences between the files on my computer and the files in the cloud. Steam asked me if I like to upload to the cloud or to download from the cloud. After I clicked download my saved game was gone... 2. Sometimes, when a program crashes (or just doesn't "clean up" fast enough after closing the program) Windows 7 often pops up a "program crashed - try to find an online solution" dialogue (since I'm not using an english version of Windows, the actual dialogue might be very different!). Clicking "try to find an online solution" sometimes leads to automaticly configuring the program to run in "compatibility mode" which redirects files witten on the hard disk to a different location and often causes problems when trying to read them again. In some rare conditions this may happen automaticly without a dialogue appearing! (this is called "elevated compatibility mode" or something like that). I had this happen once to my whole steam! In the "automatic case" it is not so easy to repair this... You have to do some "registry hacking" which may corrupt your whole system (there are many registry keys wich nearly do have the exact same name). I can search together the necessary information (can't recall at the moment how this exactly worked), but only if a klei entertainment member gives me an OK, since I don't know if it's liked when such potential damaging acts are described here!
  9. Before the bug the facts, first: When getting into the dark willson says something like: "It's so dark, I can't see anything!" When getting back into the light (e.g. near the fire pit) willson says something like: "Now I can see again!" Now the bug: I ran around to far away from the fire pit. When I got "bitten by something in the dark" I rushed back into the direction of my fire pit, but died really near of the pit, but ALSO really near the break of dawn. After that I started a new game (without exiting the program) and immideately at the beginning, while Willson was still lying in the floor and this strage guy tells me: "Hey pal, you aren't looking very well...", Willson said: "Now I can see again!". I know (at first glance) this bug is such a small one that it seems it's not worth reporting it. But this may be an indication for a buggy initialisation! I think it's quite strange, that there are "things" taken over to a new game after dying. Because it would be very heavy and time consuming to reproduce this bug (die near the pit at the break of dawn), I didn't even try to do so!
  10. I recognized that (with a spear in hand) repeatingly clicking on a spider nest will cause a much higher hitting frequency than a "click and hold" on a spider nest, although I don't know if there are differences in the damage done. Maybe you would like to implement some kind of timer to recognize "extreme clicking" on an object and convert in (internally) into a "click and hold" since especially younger players seem to be having much more fun with the *click-click-click-yeah-get-it-down!*-way.
  11. Maybe Klei Entertainment should get in contact with (in my case) GMX. Emails from Klei are recognized and sorted out as spam (caused by their header analyzer). I guess this may happen with some other email providers, too...