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How can i enable mods for my server?

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I´ve got a question. 


I enabled the mods in the mod-menu, but nothing worked on my DST Server!


Does anybody know how I can enable them?



I use these mods:


- Geometric Placement by rezecib


- Display Food Values by alks


- Status Announcements by rezecib



Thanks in advance!

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go to your computer documents and go into your klei folders. in there, there is do not starve together. open the settings folder, and remove any instance of these-> #. that i think should make it work. but other than that i have no idea, as i am not using the mods you are.

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Thanks again for answering.
But it didn´t work again. : /
I tried doing what you say. 
Now it lokks like that:

[MISC]#uncoment to turn on modsCONSOLE_ENABLED = trueMODS_ENABLED = truenetbook_mode = falsevibration = falseautosubscribemods = false
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@umdadaum, You need to edit settings.ini while the game is closed; otherwise it will overwrite it with your previous settings when you exit the game. Also, you don't want to remove all of the #'s, it should look like this:

#uncomment to turn on modsMODS_ENABLED = true 


This is no longer required, as we're enabling mods from the C++ code side now.

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