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  1. When I enter a shop, and I try to give the merchant a flint or any other item they can be given, they will say they arent interested. the table they stand in front of disappears, then they run into the corner of the shop. after this, I can still purchase stuff from the shop, and they restock as normal.
  2. Asymmetcrical Character Design?

    if anything, the most practical answer for now is to recreate all of the animations along with a perfectly custom character template that utilizes your asymmetrical design. well, this in turn is very complicated and tedious. also, you probably wouldnt want to do this and it isnt very practical. but this is one method you could take. another possibility is making two separate character templates and name them 1 and 2. and make a separate anim build for these and have it utilize these also. so when left, it would display the anim directed at 1, and when facing right, vice versa. but all this would be difficult, and may in turn, not be possible. i assume someone else has a better answer than I, but in the downtime, at least i gave you an interesting read. (this kinda stuff works with items and such, and it would take some coding, but its plausible).
  3. Hey seabass, I was wondering if you were someone i met quite a long time ago? I would like to conversate with you a bit to see if so. if not, im sorry i bothered you. leave a message on my profile feed :D

  4. Crash Bandicoot

    Hi. I made a topic in Dont Starve Mods and tools. if you need assistance, i will gladly help you there
  5. Crash Bandicoot

    he does have a reduced hunger rate. its actually balanced just so that food has a higher number value for him.
  6. Crash Bandicoot

    Version 1.0


    Crash Bandicoot! There isn't really much to say about him other than he is from his own game "Crash Bandicoot". He has a few different things to look at in his file location, and extra items which can be spawned into the game with no extra purpose than cosmetic items! His stats are: Damage up. Max health = 80 Max sanity = 200 (rediculous sanity gain. Not gonna balance this). reduced hunger rate, but smaller hunger gauge. Max hunger = 80 He should ignore spoilage, but I am unsure if this worked. He is slightly faster than other characters. Glows in the dark (was going to apply this to his item, but didn't get around to it) Insects are attracted to Crash! Crash also has his own sounds and unique dialogue! Crash has one hand slot equipable item! It's Aku Aku. AkuAku is a total boss slayer, but it only has 4 uses before it breaks! AkuAku is also rediculously craftable and may be remade after you craft a shadow manipulator! Crash was a part of my childhood, and I am glad I could share this with you! Also, if anyone is curious about Crash being ported to DST, I am already working on this. He is nearly finished for DST and I just need to edit a few more files!
  7. Could someone lend me a hand here

    attach the full log is what i meant. like instead of adding the last chunk in a spoiler, attach the log in the more reply options so we can fully see all of the log.txt what you posted shows the error it had, but didnt give the information about where it found the error. if you attach it, i can show you exactly where the error happens without any other file. (show you what to look at instead of the bottom). it should say something about which file the error occurred in, what line, and near what word it had the argument with. if i help you with reading logs, you might not need as much help in future modding
  8. Could someone lend me a hand here

    you should really attach a log since what you post isnt showing where the error happens. you just show that it was caused from that. thats just the error showing an error screen from what caused it.
  9. Hey, you must have incredible patience to help all of these modders! Keep up the good work!

    1. BrotatoTips


      Thank you :D I went through it for about a month and i help with what i can. i know its hard to do this the first time around :D