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Which is less abundant?


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The title is wrong, I just can't change it. The actual question is below


Which of these two runs out of supply quicker: Rocks or Gold Nuggets?


I will not accept nonconstructive answers like "gold bcus their rearer".

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Rocks are used more to build bases, but gold is used for science progress and tools. It depends on which you do more intensively. I, for example, always accumulate several stacks, if not chests, of gold, but never have more than two stacks of stone. That said, there's still the mountains left to mine...

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Rocks. I don't use any flammable walls, and I generally need a lot of walls to maintain my beefalo herds. You know, to keep them from wandering where they're of no use to me and potentially kill everything I need alive. Ugh, this game needs a cattle grid!


I also spend a lot of rocks on medicine, the panic room, and houses, especially once I have to go underground (I stink at fighting depth worms myself). Gold's rare, but I find that my need for rocks easily makes up for the availability difference.

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