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  1. I've always got a ton of monster meat laying around my base, and it always ends up going bad since it's really not worth eating unless you're ridiculously desperate. What do YOU do with monster meat?
  2. "Are the cows in this game passive?" No. "Is this giant bird friendly?" No. "This swamp seems too empty. Is something going to pop out and kill me suddenly?" Yes. While this game doesn't hold your hand all...there's one thing it taught me from the very beginning: Be afraid. Very afraid.
  3. I'd like to see something really special for (playable) Maxwell. (Warning: long suggestion post incoming) It's implied that underneath the ruins is a massive supply of nightmare fuel. It's also more clearly stated, at the end of adventure mode, that Maxwell himself was imprisoned by the shadowy creatures, which gave him great power at the cost of his freedom. So, what I'd like to see is an epic confrontation. Basically, Maxwell has a crafting recipe. A crafting recipe which no other player has. It takes the deerclops eye, the minotaur horn, 10 thulecite, the spider hat, 10 living logs, and 25 or so nightmare fuel. It gives you a small orb simply called "Shadow orb" and when examined, Maxwell will say "It calls for the depths". To use it you must first reach the ruins. Then, you place it on the floor and it opens up a small portal. You can jump into the portal. And then it begins. First there is just a black screen with white text saying: Chapter 6 of 5 Off of the Board When you spawn, you are in complete darkness, save for a little golden light around you. This is provided by the armor and sword you now have. The armor produces light and, though it only protects against 70% of all damage, it has infinite durability, as does the golden sword you have. The sword does about the damage as a tentacle spike. You have no other items, although hunger is always at max here. Then there is a text sequence a little ways above you. "I gave you great power. You said you desired nothing more than power." "I gave you what you wanted. Power. All I asked for was a little bit of your freedom." "You shall be punished for your ingratefullness!" Then a bunch of maxwell torches light up, and you are confronted by a sort of generic lumpy pile of nightmarey stuff. A terrorbeak head here, a skitz head there, and a whole bunch of hairy legs. On the front is a massive eye. The creature has 3,000 HP, and 4 arms, holding a red, blue, green, and purple staff. Its attacks are as follows: Biting: Deals 40 damage. It slowly chases you around and tries to bite. The windup is slow, but it has decent attack range. Shadow tentacles: It will sink partway into the ground, and a series of larger shadow tentacles (the size of a normal baby tentacle) will appear under the player, do their attack animation and retreat back into the ground. Just don't stop moving. Red Fury: It raises the red staff and shoots ballistic fireballs. These fireballs are aimed roughly at Maxwell and, aside from dealing contact damage, will let out a burst of fire like a dead red hound when they hit the floor. Cold Indiference: The monster will raise its blue staff, encirling the player in a cluster of icey boulders. It will then walk straight towards the cluster and slam the staff down, smashing the ice boulders and dealing 100 damage if Maxwell does not break away first (the golden sword funcitons as a pick) Seismic smash: It will raise the huge green staff, get close to the player and then do a quick windup before smashing the ground. It has huge range but only does damage at a very specific point, marked by a cracked area in the floor after the attack. Its a bit slow to aim, so the attack is avoidable, but also causes an earthquake. Dark Artistry: It will raise the purple staff and all of the maxwell torches will go out for 20 seconds, meaning the player's only light is the rather small and dim field the radient armor provides. During these 20 seconds, shadow tentacles and terrorbeaks will spawn, and the player must either fight them off or just run and try to survive until the lights turn back on and the beakies and tentacles despawn. After you finally kill the boss, you are moved to the most recently-lit firepit of the surface at the begining of a new day. At the closest spot of ocean, there will be a boat. After you get on, there's a brief cutscene where Maxwell is on the boat, talking to the captain, telling him some humorously-exagurated stories of his adventures and bravery, and then a screen which looks like the death screen, but with the message "you escaped!". You could then visit your world again with any character at all, and although you would still lose any carried items on death, your world would never be death-deleted and you can still visit with any character, returning to the boat to swap to a new onw after your current session. So sort of like, "It's your little faraway adventure land now, not part of some twisted abomination's sadistic game. You earned it. Enjoy it."
  4. IMO terrorbeaks constantly spawning and chasing me relentlessly day and night is a bit of an issue.
  5. I'd call it "stylized horror". It contains stuff that could be legitimately terrifying if it were a bit more realistic, but as it is it actually sort of reminds me of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy in that it has "spooky" stuff, but it's cartoony enough to avoid being creepy.
  6. I'm thinking the red eye might perhaps be a horny toad (the lizard, not a toad in heat) because there appears to be a red fluid in the bottom half of the eye and those lizards are known for shooting blood out of their eyes.
  7. Now I can't stop making them either. Although this one is technically a drawing on a photo.
  8. I'm going to guess, hmmm... Legs: Giant deep-sea isopod (Or as I call it, "big creepy ocean roly-poly" Mouth: Viperfish Shell/scales: Pangolin Eye: Owl or other predatory bird
  9. So like I was on vacation in the Southwest, and suddenly...
  10. Ah thanks, that works. It's tiny for some reason but that's a problem for another day. I'm still sorta getting the hang of this.
  11. Ah, ok. And about not renaming the entities, well, I guess I forgot to on the 15th consecutive try to get it working. But ok, thanks. EDIT: I did that, and checked, and the animation zips were there, but it was still all invisible in-game. I checked and the atlas images all had the proper sprite, but everything is still invisible. I can't find anything in the scripting which would cause everything to be invisible either.
  12. Ok, so I was working on this new weapon mod. I felt the weapon needed to be bigger so I set up a topic asking how to do that. I was directed here, and I followed the tutorial, but the weapon is now invisible, swap, ground animation, inventory icon and all. Any idea what's wrong with it? A broken