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cooking pot sucks?

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Is it just me or is the pot not adding up good?....i whent to the wiki and it as a list of all the food and stats you get in...and most of it gives less health and hunger then the food you put in....IE Stuffed Eggplant gives 75/54

That takes Eggplant and if you solo cook that you get 40/1

and 2 Carrot and if you solo cook them you get 15/0 x2

and you need a Berrie and solo cooked that is 13/3

you add them up you get 83/4.....unless this whole pot is about geting health But that just seems odd to me most people cook food (irl) to get rid of there hunger lol

ps my math may be wrong and i may not get the point of this but keep in mind that i been up for all most 6 days now lol

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Only 2 kinds of recipes have been useful to me : Dragon pies (they're awesome, refill half your health AND hunger) and all the recipes including monster meat, allowing you to eat it without taking damage.

Sadly, dragon pies do not stack (each one takes one inventory slot). Hence I replaced all my dragon fruits in farm plots with pumpkins, which refill about the same amount of hunger as pies (when cooked) AND stack (40 units per slot). For healing purposes, I use honey.

So yeah, the crock pot isn't too useful as the game is right now. But it might become more needed to survival in a few months (or weeks ?), when farm plots hopefully get nerfed and monster meat becomes a much more crucial source of food.

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I only use the crock pot because I have so much food I don't really care about how much it heals.

And because eating stacks of one cheap ingredient ruins my roleplay and immersion.

But yeah It is less effective than eating the ingredients by themselves. But the problem is not the crockpot itself it is the ingredients being too OP.

Another problem I have with crock pot is that using more of the same ingredient becomes less and less effective ... why ? There is no penalty eating a stack of meat in 20 seconds.

Meat stew from 4x cooked meat gives much less hunger and even less health than 4 meat plus it takes time to cook... and requires you to have the crock pot which is simply ineffective altogether and pointless unless you fancy roleplay.

Pumpkin and Eggplant give just way too much hunger, Cooked pumpkin gives much more than cooked meat which realistically makes no sense.

And since now we can selectively grow crops ... growing Pumpkins is just too OP.

In real life pumpkin is very low on protein and calories while meat is a great source of protein which would be absolutely essential in long-term survival conditions.

One thing I'm hoping though is that crock pot food will have an effect on the future sanity meter, because realistically if I would be in a dire situation eating something warm next to my fireplace would relax me a bit and make me forget about the situation I am in at least for a few mins.

Yeah as it currently is, crock pot is only really useful because of being able to turn monster meat edible.

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Or maybe people just don't try and look for the best combinations; For example, 3 Cooked Morsels + 1 Honey = A Honeyed Ham that restores 73 hunger and 63 health (Versus what the raw combination would be of ~51 hunger and 20 health); Sure, it takes 3 minutes to cook, but considering you only need to eat one every 8 minutes (and considering the ease of which the materials are to get), it's not a half bad thing for when you don't plan to venture far from your base.

But yes, the fact they aren't able to stack is what kills them for any practical use, beyond easy food at your 'base'.

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