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  1. Those numbers led us to the letters B I T on the numberplates from the insanity video. Wich in turn led to and the videos there if I'm not all that wrong... Reading 84 pages with all this info and the repeating of all the questions etc does wonders for my brain when I have the flu... I'm spinning here....or is it the world...?
  2. Here's a screenshot from the video the moment the machine "flashes to life". Just thought it was cool.Nice job on the puzzlesolving. And for those that don't already. You should follow @TheKRF on twitter
  3. This is the link in the video that leads to the Eureka page: that lead you to the deadseascrollspage; You have a religous virus or something....
  4. I'm so bored!

    There's certainly bacon in Don't starve. Bacon and eggs actually.
  5. Hello, Help Please...

    Glad to be of help. Good luck mate!
  6. Hello, Help Please...

    Hello there! And welcome! There are a lot of help on these forums if you do some searches. The trees can no longer be planted as close, so they can't be used for a physical fence anymore. Clearing out the spiders nests around your base will help you get them off your property.
  7. Same thing happens to me after a whioe playing. Restarting the game seems to make it stop for a while, but it starts happening again after a while. Pops up whenever an action is performed.
  8. Spawning Fire Darts

    I have a spot where it spawns 2 sleeping darts every now and then. Until now I have thought it was something that could be dropped by pigmen, since it's in an area with pigs fighting spiders very often.
  9. SERUIS BUG!!! 1000 of bees

    Not really that exaggerated. On my map, they are still spawning when I enter the area. 22 mines. But no. There's not 1000 on that picture
  10. Something similar happening here I believe (Recorded the day after Queen update): This can't be working as intended. Ok, there was around 22 bee mines there if I remember correctly, but the same thing happened with 6 mines. That's the reason for all the bees I have in my inventory. But they sure get the hounds dealt with. Too bad the map becomes unplayable since it get's covered in bees. The map originally had 2 beehives, but now it is filled with bees. I won't get to day 200 with those around I have sped up the movie at the parts where I was down at 1fps. Lost the audio on those parts, but didn't bother setting in anything else.
  11. The tides have change

    Meh. Nothing my army of bees can't handle.
  12. It's included in the releasenotes. So, yes. It's decreased.
  13. I stand completedly on your side Luna. @Skippy: If you can't read what others respond in it's full content, I also doubt you participated in any sort of programming that involved more than one person.