[MAGIC] Ring of Runic Recall

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Crafting Recipe:

1 Red Gem

2 Gold Nuggets

1 Vial of Mystic Dust (This is an item suggestion I'll explain how to get)

Vial of Mystic Dust:

Dropped from any mythical creature they add, like a pixie or something, idk, unicorns maybe?

Red Rune:

The waypoint that you'd recall to with the ring. It's a placable item that CANNOT be recovered. This has 5 charges before it disappears

Crafting Recipe:

2 Vials of Mystic Dust

The Ring of Runic Recall!

This magical ring allows you to warp back to your wondrous red rune!

P.S. Also great for proposing to your wondrous coconut head girlfriend!

Contains 5 charges before disappears

Functions that balance it:

Cannot be used at night

Takes 10 seconds to cast

Any damage will cancel the channeling

Any follower (Pigs, Tallbird hatchlings, whatever other followers that are added...) will not be transported with you.

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Warping sounds like teleporting... and I'm against instant travel. To me the game is fun because distance is an important factor. How far you explore from your base camp and how far resources are from you comes down to your decision. For example, my base camp is nowhere near the swamp biome on my map. I have to travel across 2 islands to reach it, but I wanted my base camp to be on the grasslands so I could be close to manure central (i.e. beefalo) for my crops. Not to mention all the rabbit holes.

Once you include instant travel, even in a limited fashion, you remove that feeling that the islands are huge. They become very small, just like how in reality airplanes, TV, and the internet have turned our world into a much smaller place than it used to be.

The most I would vote for is adding a means of slightly increasing travel speeds, maybe with an animal mount. But again, I like the walking, so it's no issue for me.

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