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Were lureplants changed? I can't get any feathers from them...

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I decided to try today to use lureplants to farm feathers in combination with the Feather Hat, but I can't get anything back from them, no feathers and no meat. I tried harvesting right away, after a few seconds or after several days, but I only get the bulb and the meat, nothing else.


I looked at the changelog since the release but I don't see any changes regarding this lureplant behaviour and I remember for sure that it used to work. There are also youtube videos showing this.


Any suggestions?


(In the meantime I'll look at the .lua file for lureplants to see if I can figure something out, because they don't seem really consistent atm and it's not about the birds and feather, other items also. I do know about the digestion time, that's why I tried harvesting at different intervals, so it's not that.)

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Lureplants digest anything over time. I lost several tools and such to them, anything perstilential will corode a lot faster.


EDIT: pestilential, my fault... that means stuff that spoils or decomposes


EDIT2: Duh, you need to kill it (without fire).

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Yes, I know, harvesting only gives you the leafy meat. I am killing it every time and I get only the leafy meat and the bulb. I get nothing from the birds the eyeplants eat, no feathers and no morsels. Doesn't matter how fast I kill it.

I tried looking at the .lua file but I couldn't notice anything and I don't have any older version for comparison.

Can anyone try to see if you can get feathers from the lureplants?

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I found the code lines responsible for birds and other small animals but I don't know why it doesn't work. Can somebody who understands explain this?

    inst:ListenForEvent("gotnewitem", function(inst, data)                --print ("got item", data.item)        --print (debugstack())        if data.item.components.health then            inst:DoTaskInTime(0, function() local ba = BufferedAction(inst,data.item,ACTIONS.MURDER)             inst:PushBufferedAction(ba)            end)        end    end)

I uncommented "--print ("got item", data.item)" and I see that the birds get added into the inventory of the plant, but the "BufferedAction" doesn't give any morsels/feathers, so every small animal that gets attacked by the eyeplants just dissapears I think.


P.S. I'm also getting crashes when I kill the lureplant after it has eaten some items, but not every time.

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