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  1. Each time I load a save, the game consumes more and more RAM. For example, after the initial load the process is at 4.5 GB, after the second load it goes to 6 GB, then 7 GB and so on. It happens both when loading saves from the pause menu and when exiting to the main menu and then loading a save. The memory consumption doesn't go down, so after a few reloads OS just kills the process. Workaround: I just hit Alt+F4 and open the game again every time I want to load a save. Death Star 79.sav
  2. Thanks Flare, I'll try that next time I encounter Varg. Another question. I don't understand how to play without backpack. I usually have shadow chester with me but it's not enough to store all my stuff. Usually when I'm far from my camp all slots in backpack and chester are filled quite rapidly. There are many cool clothes for backpack slot but I'm not comfortable without my backpack and cannot try them, which is kind of sad. How do you play without backpack? What is the smallest set of survival items I need to carry in inventory to survive? What is better to store in chester? When and which clothes provide most advantages over backpacks?
  3. I have a question. What is the best way to fight Varg assuming that I have log suits, tentacle spike and no allies? Maybe something like Ice staff can be helpful? Each time I face Varg I'm getting overwhelmed and stun-locked with hounds. I don't quite understand why that happens because I have no problems handling regular full-strength hound attacks.
  4. Yes it will consume flower. I suppose Glommer will fly around the same location is flower is destroyed. If Glommer is dead new flower and Glommer will appear at the next full moon at the statue. If Glommer is not dead no flower will appear. You can get one flower and one piece of wings each full moon if you make sure Glommer is dead at the full moon. It's better to craft old bell immediately because when Glommer is dead its flower begins to spoil.
  5. You can also farm slurtle slime. It's 4 times less effective than gunpowder (50 vs 200 damage) but if you're low on nitre, slurtle slime can be easier to produce since gold is usually renewable (using Pig King) and rocks are abundant.
  6. This bug is listed on the wiki: http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Rabbit It has been added to this page around September 2013.