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  1. Yeah, there is a topic. But then, every time someone necros a thread, there is someone complaining about it too. Maybe if the base topic is an exception to the no necro rule, it should be stickied.
  2. Right. Remember, you're after revenge here, so don't pay any attention to Webber's skull should it drop. That would only slow down the carnage.
  3. Heck, all ever use is thermal stones. I just keep and extra one in the fridge/firepit box and swap out as needed. I just don't worry about tracking down the protective clothing at all. I dunno if this is the best method, but it definitely does work.
  4. I've had the "whole base goes foomph!" issue as well. These days I just make a dedicated fire pit about a screen away, and surround that with tooth traps and nothing else. When I hear barking I head for there no matter what I might have been doing. I have a tendency to quit out when my stuff goes up in flames, so this really was a necessary step for me to get any time at all in a game.
  5. What does happen when you set him to lots? Does it simply take less murder to summon him, or does he just start wandering the countryside at random?
  6. Give it to tallbirds and watch them mutate into something even weirder than they already are. (Just kidding Bob!) Seriously, though, cptCalavera has it right. If you don't need the eggs for food you can trade them to the pig king for gold. If you don't need gold for some reason I guess you could let them turn into rot, then set fire to them for ash. Or feed them to Pigmen, turn them into werepigs, and slaughter for fun and profit.
  7. What's so funny about the concept of a 50+ playing this game? We don't all get around with walkers while bemoaning the fact that the kids today don't have fun kicking a can around like we did back in the day before balls were invented.
  8. No. The seasonal giants just show up, as well as frog rain. It's random though, so you might not get every monster every season. And you won't get one the first season you play, unless you change the worldgen options.
  9. Having a couple of thermal stones is pretty darned useful as well. I keep on by a fire, one with me, swap as needed. If you are in an area with moleworms make sure your put your stones in a chest by the fire because they will be stolen.
  10. Yep. "Welcome to the game. Don't starve." Nightfall. Whappity whap! Dead. It was my best experience with a new game that I can ever remember.
  11. Thanks for the answers. Always looking for ways to improve my adventures in the wilderness.
  12. Barbeque or Teriyaki? Which kind of sauce is best to have with all the rabbits I'm eating since I would never hunt the majestic tallbird for food?
  13. Looking through this thread, I've seen several bases that have multiple crockpots. I wonder, is that just for looks, or is there some use to having more than one that I just haven't figured out?