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So the main reason I'm bringing this up is because my OCD KILLS me whenever this happens. I like to use the backpack when im out exploring/gathering for the more space. And it kills me softly every time i have, lets say for this example, 6 grass in my backpack and a full stack already in my hotbar. Instead of going into the stack thats already in my backpack it instead makes a new one im my hotbar and it kills me slowly because of my OCD.

ALSO theres the fact that the game takes away the items you need to craft from the biggest stack you have rather then the smallest one. I like to get exactly 9 extra grass to make a bedroll, so i have a full 40 then 9 grass on the side. Once I have that i make my bed and my 40 becomes 31 and my 9 stack I made specifically for that bedroll stays intact.

So in short, make it so items would automatically go into a stack if its in the backpack and that crafting takes away from the smallest stack rather than the largest.

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Yeah. One of the things I'm hating about Don't Starve is how things stacks. For example, I have 10 twigs in my hotbar and 3 in my backpack. Why doesn't the 3 twigs automatically stack into the larger stack(10)? It's not only messy, creating clutter, but also it could get you in some trouble in survival, because you think all slots are occupied which in reality they shouldn't have---had they had efficient stacking.

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