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  1. Instead of being able to predict how your map is generated (9 circles which will either mesh or be disconnected and only accessible by bridges), you now have a much more random and interesting environment.
  2. Can't pretend to know much about encryption, but perhaps these files are encrypted?
  3. I had to kill about 8 beefalo within one day to summon a krampus. Just sayin'
  4. I'm curious to see how much of this makes it into the game. As for opening those files, good luck!
  5. Oh man, that's awesome xD You should have set a bee mine near those guys!
  6. While i do agree that we should be able to use some alternate key in conjunction with a click to send items from our inventory to a chest, the other function you mentioned already exists. By holding "CTRL" on your keyboard and clicking an item in your inventory, it changes the amount of the item you are holding. This way, you can drop just 1 of any item, or 5, or whatever you want.
  7. For now, everything you unlock will stay unlocked regardless of the world. You will also keep unused research points. However, in the future, this will not be the case. Research points will eventually be removed entirely, and everything will lock back up again after every new game is started.
  8. Yes, the moaning she does is the literal worst thing about Don't Starve. I quit playing wendy after just a few days just so i never had to hear her groaning again.
  9. Yeah, this has to be a bug. The option to catch them with the mouse isn't even there during the day, so i presume people should expect fireflies to be uncatchable during the daytime in a future update.
  10. I don't think there needs to be a defense for every resource. I feel like the game is already pushing it into becoming "don't touch anything", rather than "don't starve".
  11. I'm sure the answer is within this forum somewhere, but i too am curious and don't feel like searching. How long has this beta been going? I learned of this game on when they did a quick look, and it looked like something new and interesting. I was in the middle of FC3 when i bought this game, and i don't know that i'll ever go back!
  12. Can somebody explain to me the benefits of abigail? I've only played Wendy for a few minutes, but she just seems to do damage to me when we collide and nothing really more. Does she attack for you at night as though she is a part of your entourage? If not, Wendy is a useless character.
  13. For those of you who haven't seen the new preview video, the way the world is being generated has changed. Now, it would appear that instead of producing circle biomes that have a chance to be embedded into one another, they will be separated by natural pathways, and you will have to explore in order to find the path to the biomes you see across rivers, etc. My idea? ================================---- Wooden Bridges(non stackable) To produce the wooden bridge, you will need: [4x]ROPE [6x]WOODEN BOARD The use; To allow players to create "quick bridges" across biomes to access the new biomes without having to explore and find the pathway to get there otherwise. Why i think it's practical; It's hard to produce, but can come in handy. Producing wooden boards can be a fairly difficult task when trees aren't in huge supply in your current location. 6 boards and 4 rope seems pretty tedious, so it won't be something that people should be able to abuse to the extent that they are no longer exploring (the entire purpose for the new world generator, i assume, is to make players explore). =================-----