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  1. Wait they don't already? Whenever I get close and they do that growl thing I back off lol I always thought they'd attack after being too close. Anyway on topic Kevin everything you said sounds brilliant, and I'm not so patiently waiting for them Also Club, I like your ideas. A beaver would be kinda cool but then they would have to balance that so it wouldn't just be another source of meet and teeth or something. The bunny king is just pure win, after you kill so many bunnies from a few holes he comes out and chases you, and runs faster then you so you have to fight... sounds amazing. The idea of farm plots spawning a monster and taking over your base is fantastic. Maybe the longer you don't kill it the more it reproduces as well? Only up to a certain number of course, don't want to overrun the world lol Super excited for the patch tomorrow
  2. Inventory Tweaks

    And I thought I was the only one. Its annoying having to pick a berry and then move it into your backpack with the rest of the stack you have, or anything else that you pick up on a regular basis
  3. Waypoints

    Definite want. I check my map constantly making sure I am heading in the general right direction
  4. Caves!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think with adding caves they would need to increase how long the torch lasts. I don't know the exact amount of time they last but it isn't much to me. Also another idea for caves would be bats (obviously) and they act just the same as birds on the surface, but they drop guano which could be a better or worse manure than beefalo or pigs poop. If you kill a bat it has a chance to drop bat wings (no ideas as to what it would be used for at the moment but sounds cool haha) and a morsel. And in some regions of the cave (like a swamp on the surface) there could be a special monster that is only in there. Like some big rock man thing that appears after mining too much iron? (Big as in roughly the same size as the tree guard.) When killed, drops quite a bit of iron and stones and possibly flint. And if you use a spear against it, it wont do as much damage so use the pickaxe, but make each hit take away only 1%, and even less with the opulent pickaxe. In this (insert awesome name) biome there is an abundance of iron veins (not boulders because in the cave there would already be plenty, right?) and some sort of a glowing shrub that you can use to also fuel your miners hat when picked. After you pick it and it has to grow back it could be significantly darker, but still enough so you can see. And if that wasnt enough, maybe when you dig up a special jackalope hole (Special as in ig king, only one in the world) with only a regal shovel, you can enter a "wonderland" cave with loads of iron and bats and glowing shrub but with no harm to you? Might be a bit much, but thought it would be funny none the less Sorry if this is a little too much but my mind went a little crazy with the idea lol
  5. Food decay

    Ah, of course. Different wording failure on my end at its finest. Thank you for the thread its a lot more thought out than my suggestion
  6. So, as my first post on this forum (Love the game by the way having a blast,) and after searching for it in the suggestions, I have an idea for the devs. To make it a little bit more balanced to where the player doesn't have tonnes of food on them all the time, effectively stockpiling it, make the food decay over about 3 days. And then add a structure to build like a refrigerator or some other clever thing to keep your food eatable. I don't think this is too much for adding to difficulty, as I can last a very long time without ever running out of food and I just started playing two days ago. I believe this is a good balance. Let me know what you think