Augments Auto-Installing Between Missions

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Hello all!


I had Banks purchas an augment from a vestibule on a prior level. It was in her inventory. I never installed it nor was I wanting to install it on her. I was to give it to Nika but had forgotten to do so after the mission was over.


Once I started the next mission, Banks still would have had the augment in her inventory, but instead it was automatically installed.


This happened on my last game too and its very frustrating to go through this twice after investing so much time. I'm playing Endless Mode and want to come up with some specific compositions. Now I have to start all over again in order to accomplish what I'm trying to achieve. :(

Is this as designed? I didn't read anywhere they should be installed automatically with the recent update.

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In current version augments are installed when bought on whoever is the buyer.


No they're not. 

You can buy the augment as an item now and then when you click it, it gives you an option to install it. Until then it remains in your inventory.



I'm guessing it's a bug if it gets installed automatically between missions. Maybe -as a temporary fix- you can try to transfer it in the elevator before exiting the level?  that way it'll get installed on whoever you want it to be installed on.

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Yeah, the only way to avoid this from happening is to triple check myself before I start or leave a mission for now. If this is actually not a bug, then at the very least some warning messaging would be helpful. It ruined a whole long playthrough for me.


I found in one instance this morning that this situation presented itself again, but this time it did not auto-install. I believe it may be because my character already had that type of augment installed this time and she was just carrying to give to another character but I forgot to transfer it again before starting the next mission. She had an open slot and since you can install multiples (some or all?) of the same augments I would have expected this to happen but it did not.


The only other reason I can think it did not auto-install this last instance is because there are some augments that are not stackable (i.e. possibly something like Anatomy Analysis since stacking the effect would be meaningless). However, I have not tested this yet to see if it is indeed possible to stack any and all augments.

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Maybe it's because I've carried this one save through 3 versions (It's my LP series) but in the most recent episode (1.8) Banks bought an augment (Torque Injectors) from a NanoFab and took it with her out of the level. In the next episode (1.9) she goes into a new level with the augment in her inventory. I did this because I thought it would auto-install it on her and it did not.

Is this a bug or a change in the functionality?


It's a change in functionality. I found the official word here:

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