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  1. Bandwagoning or not, there are valid reasons for people to boycott EGS exclusives: 1) To show that there is a group of players who are against the whole policy of exclusives, because it is damaging players' freedom to buy game on the platform of their choice. At least that's how the whole dislike for EGS and their exclusives' policy did start. Sure, they can bribe developers with money, but at the end of the day someone has to buy games from them for their plan to work, which is yet another reason for people to bleed them dry by not buying anything on EGS and blacklisting anyone taking such a deal .2) EGS platform is weak as a gaming platform/service. The talk of it being a spyware or selling information aside, it simply doesn't offer anything better than Steam (if anything, it offers less). All it really does is forcing you to buy a game in their store through exclusivity. It's not exactly a form of competition that's good for the players. People refusing to buy Griftlands at all and crossing Klei out from their shoping list (now and forever) is the way of the people showing they crossed the line by associating themselves with them. Is it over the top? Perhaps. Because it will be possible to buy it on Steam and not on EGS, but at this point it's purely about the principle. And sending the message. Personally I will consider buying Griftlands on Steam, because the game seems to be interesting enough (and I am a fan of card games) and buying on Steam hopefully means EGS gets nothing out of their deal with Klei. But I don't blame people for taking the most radical stance here. Their reaction should come as no surprise to anyone who has been watching EGS' actions for the past few months.
  2. With aug giving him +1 to AP he can use most weapons and do better than the others or be just as good as he was before, depending on what weapon you give him. I'd say there are other agents who are worse position than Shalem (like Deckard) without their starting gear, because they need specific items. For Shalem any weapon will do.
  3. This is a bug? I thought it was intentional: Balance Changes
  4. I see. It sounds like a bug. Overall Shalem and Internationale became much more valuable in terms of being able to haul loot without extra money needed to expand inventory.
  5. You don't need to upgrade inventory on mission 1 (unless you do a Vault mission and happen to find artifacts, instead of deposit boxes), because you can only upgrade an agent after the mission. That's what I did with my team consisting of Deckard and Shalem. I agreethat Banks let you use security doors without a pass card (freeing one slot), but I think you're overthinking the importance of a single slot. Deckard has 3 slots for items and 1 free. Same as Banks. Shalem has 5 total, so he has 2 free. Internationale has 2 taken and 2 free.
  6. So am I. You get money from the safes and for prisoners also, and when you steal from the guards' pockets.
  7. You can buy extra inventory slots. That's what I did. Sure, it makes stealing artifacts less profitable (because you need to buy more slots or have more agents to begin with), but other than that it's manageable.
  8. Got an overwatch bug myself: Banks was pinning down a guard. Other guard saw her on his turn and shot her instantly, on his own turn [on which he spotted her] with no usual 1 turn delay. She probably wouldn't have survived anyway, but a bug is a bug.
  9. Perhaps, but if you look at the screen (on top of this page) there is a red text, meaning it ain't just copy-paste job and after going into an overwatch you get message that you need to seek cover or you'll be shot. I doubt they'd put these details in without having plan of AI using them, and I doubt that removing the ability (or the icon) in question would be that problematic for them to force them keep it.
  10. Did you get into "notified" tile? Now guards will turn if they'll become alerted (!) and you'll get into yellow area. EDIT: I've checked out the camera drone and it indeed ain't shooting after agent moves when it's in overwatch. It might be a bug, because I got notification that "a guard is about to shoot your agent" while referring to the camera drone. I even have video as proof. See for yourselves:
  11. "This unit will shoot at movement during the enemies turn" and the icon is symbolizing a gun, a firearm. I am pretty sure shooting with a gun can kill.
  12. Name is misleading, but once you hack and select it you can see its options.
  13. I suspect camera drone being responsible for this one - it can fire, but only after going into an overwatch, which usually takes two turns.