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fugacious artplosion

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I'm not going to question why this wasn't posted in your already existing thread.


I'm not going to mention the single piece of RoG art. Neither I am going to state that I had forgotten about the old one and didn't like it either.


Or why you didn't bother with the resize function in your image editing software of choice.


Because some people apparently like full HHD+ ^2

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This is how I envision Klei making either big stacks of cash or channeling a cult-like dependance into society.




I do not support alcoholism. I do not appreciate exessive alcohol consume, and prefer to prohibit alcohol for minors. I do not consume alcohol on a regular basis.

That's some disclaimers. Essentially: everything in moderation. (For example disclaimers :p)

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I don't feel like making a new topic yet again, so I'll post some collages from game assets here!


If you've ever made contact with criticising and pensive art, you should know La Trahison des Images:


I hardly (if at all, can't remember) had to resize that guy's parts. Collages are easy and fun!

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Some people appear to doubt my modding skills, which is ridiclious. Or they doubt my rhetorical expression ability, which is reasonable. Either case: Hereby I prove that I am not dead in any way.


A teaser a day

keeps but hype away.

Soon we will see

what it may be.



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