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Do worms attack tentapillars?

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I cant seem to find an appropriate answer to this, 


so i was on a quick trip to the caves for some light flowers, when out of the blue in de mushroom biome 6 depth worms all attacked at once,


so okay, i died,


my question is, does anyone know if the worms attack the tentapillars? because than it would seem like a lot more fun to get my light fuel there, free spots, spikes, earthquakes and an all out war between giant tentacles and annoying worms ^^

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I've looked at the game code: worms don't seem to recognize tentacle pillars as something that can be attacked.

As said above, you can befriend rocky lobsters and sic 'em on those worms. The worms will force the lobsters into their shells, but if not all lobsters are being attacked (and thus freeze in defense), they'll eradicate the worms eventually. Be careful not to take some lobsters back up on accident!


Alternatively, you can befriend bunmen with carrots, as long as you don't pick up meat. They aren't as defensive but hurt too. You don't even need to befriend them, they usually go for monsters and carnivores themselves.

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I do, and will never befriend any rock lobster in other case than a true emergency. 


I usually just run towards them.


I had 1 rock lobster come back with me to the overworld, and the well-known issue occured...


hunting for lobsters is no fun ^.^.


But thanks for the replies!


I am kind of dissapointed by the fact they do not aggro on tentapillars. But then again, it would be a cheap way to make earthquakes occur and to get a lot of spikes in an easy way.

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