The farmer in the dell..?

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After i saw the patch 5 teaser i got excited about the new changes, so i decided to jump into a fresh new game.


Chose my favorite couple, Banks and Internationale.

After completing the first mission i went ahead and jumped into a new mission. But, the game started rather... odd?

A message popped up from CENTRAL, weird, but then i saw Banks' icon pop-up and it said: The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell.

I got really confused and decided to look it up, looks like its a nursery rhyme / singing game. and after reading the lyrics and listening to the song, i got even more confused.


And now im wondering, why Banks? and do any other agents have quotes?

I will probably dig into the game files to look for any but in the mean time, please share your opinion about this, weird line Banks says in the start of the game.


(unfortunately no pictures because the text bubble went away too fast ; -; )

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well first off, Banks is Irish and this is a nursery rhyme, so likely she listened to it and sang it as a child.


2ndly the rhyme itself is about a farmer in the dell (a secluded valley filled with woodland) taking his wife, who takes her child and so and so forth.


clearly, whilst the song normally wouldn't, the fact she's singing it when break and entering is implying thievery.


a person takes something/one thats valuable to them, which then takes something else and so on and so forth until one thing is on its own.


like how in invisible inc, everything is a slow chain reaction,

you take out the camera, which lets you see the guard, so you take out the guard. he had a keycard so you take out a locked door's lock. this lets you enter a room with a safe, so you take out the safe, which in turn takes out the money.


by the end of it all, the only thing thats left untaken is the guard, whose standing on their own (since you left)

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It might also just be slightly related to her having suffered some minor brain damage from her implant as well, as referenced by her bio posted in the Update 5 thread, and that everything smells like burned toast to her.

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