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Progress of the Beta

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I see the fast interaction between testers and developers in the Bug section and the many hotfixes. It really looks great to me (an outsider not participating in the Beta).


The Beta phase 2 has been running for almost a month and I was wondering if someone at Klei will make a statement about how it is going in the next couple of weeks. I would be interested if they think "wow much less bugs/issues than we anticipated" or if it leans more in the direction of "it is a lot more trouble than we anticipated (read: omg that buggy crap doesnt work)".


There are many forum posts from testers which are always biased in a way (either they are happy about everything or they insult klei because it is not bug-free yet). I specifically did not apply for the beta because I didnt think I would have the time or patience to test it extensively and lack the IT-knowlege to create good bug reports (I am really impressed with reports from some users like rezecib, etc. btw.).


I would still love to hear how the Beta is going from the Developers point of view (without specifically asking for a ETA - altough I wouldnt mind one :)).


Thanks so much for this additional effort you put into this amazing game.

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