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  1. Also waiting for 2021 roadmap @Ipsquiggle When will all planned features be included. I did 2 Playtroughts before radiation and Would like to start one when everything is there
  2. Im so sorry I have read the post but that was some time ago... shame...blingbling...shame...blingbling...shame...blingbling...
  3. Another way to use food, which hasnt been discussed here is food as a way of healing. For healing purposes the crock pot recepies give too much hunger compared to health. The best way to heal with food is eating jerkys. lots and lots of jerkys. You can even use Jerkys as ingredients for the crock pot. Yesterday a friend and I were attacked by hounds and he had only about 30 hp when we heard them. he quickly ate 10 small jerkys and we were able to kill the hounds without trouble.
  4. never disregard lakes as a way togenerate food. (they dont work in winter but they can help you accumulate food before winter) I have been explyining the game fo some friends of mine and there is always a window before we get the food production started (crockpot drying racks etc.) where food is hard to come by. I found an area where 5 or 7 lakes where and saw a lot of frogs. with 3 traps i cought about 15 of them in one day (by putting the traps on top of them). if you convert that to jerky/meatballs/meaty stew, you have a nice surplus. I think it is advisable since its much easier to catch frogs than rabbits. Btw. is it efficient, to kill rabbits with a boomerang? (not focusing on it but just killing all rabits that you encounter while doing other stuff)
  5. I hope people will now stop paying for shady beta keys. This seems like an appropiate solution. and more content!!!
  6. more uses of beard hair would make wilson much stronger than every other character because beard hair collecting is (for me) a very tedious process where you waste a lot of reccources (catching 20 bunnies to get 4 beard hair etc.) I dont think that beard hair is that usefull anyhow - I usually wash mine down the drain... Horsehair is (generally) much longer
  7. more please! How did those rude creatures ever make it onto the island, while so many friendly souls are still lost in the void - waiting?
  8. Please write a book! I want more storys like that One day I will wander into your dominion and we can recreate those epic battles!
  9. It would be very great if you could tell by their looks wether they are insane or not. Like adding a slightly insane looking model for someone that is elligible for attacks from shadow creatures. About the shadow creatures, will they spawn for each player individually and not be seen (even by insane) other players? Because the shadow creatures should be figments of each persons mind.