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On RoG and caves

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So there are tons of threads all asking the same question, "When are we getting caves?(RoG?)"


The devs pretty much answer this question with the same answer every time and no one hears it.  So here's a different answer to consider.


Imagine Dont Starve Together is a new game.  What!?  That makes total sense since it is a new game.  Also if you have been around since vanilla Don't Starve you might remember how long it took to get to caves and RoG.  If you're new here's a little insight into that process; caves didn't come out until after the release and RoG was well after that.  THese things take time and have to be worked up to.  They are literally rewriting the WHOLE game.  Im sure thats not easy.


Honestly we should be grateful with how much content made it into Together.  Sure I would love some caves and RoG too but at the same time I am enjoying the game I have before me.  I look forward to those future releases which will more than likely come one day.  I cant wait to see "Build Eminent" when I log onto the game and thinking "Is this caves!?" "Is this RoG!?"  Thats part of the fun! 


So seriously enough already.  Lets get the game working smoothly and stop worrying about caves and RoG.  They're coming, one day, hopefully.  These guys at Klei have yet to disappoint me and they are working hard to get us what we want.  When the game can handle it and they have finished writing it we will get caves and RoG.  Just play the game you have, it KICKS ASS!


(note:  From day 1 I have said that multiplayer is the worst idea for Don't Starve.  So happy to be wrong.)

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I don't think people are very grateful to be presented with a multiplayer that was highly doubted at first.

I was playing Don't Starve back when it was in beta in March, 2013. This was before the announcement of Caves, Ruins, PS4 Compatibility and of course RoG. I also played with only with Wilson, Willow and Wendy (all before getting balanced). I think people just want to get something that many don't have yet and it's very experimental and can crash, is very laggy and depends on your internet and computer specs. 

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The unfortunate part is even with this type of thread (sticky or not), it's not going to change the fact new forum goers will keep asking this question. Many people do not understand core principles of software design. So people believe it's easy to stick a square peg into round hole. Since it worked fine perfectly before. I am sure Klei is aware that this could have become an issue. So all the questions concerning “elements from single player Don't Starve are in DS:T,” is going to turn into a routine.


Hopefully we as vets can hold onto our patience and tolerance levels, because we might end up chasing new people (potential consumers to help the development) away. If we become too callus to someone who does not know (simply ignorance). Trust me I see this happen all the time on other game forums. Kind of like when we constantly kept getting asked about multiplayer, when we thought we knew what Klei stance was on that. It will also get more abrasive as the developers hand out more keys and when we go into early access on steam.  

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My intention is not to gripe or come off as impatient just to illustrate that there is a process and it takes time.  Creating a new thread every day asking when is the same such and such coming to the game is just sort of fruitless.  I too want caves and RoG but Im not going to make a thread every day asking for it.  Im kinda just informing new comers who are new to the Don't Starve development process to be patient, it will be there one day, hopefully.  Sorry if I did not come off as such.


Just sayin

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  • Developer


Concerning Caves, I'm working on a full cave server (for testing purpose, later I'll try to have both surface and caves in the same game)

Here are some screens




The world is now considered as a cave world: no clock UI, earthquake...

Looks like invisible ground tiles are fixed, but cave spider are still invisible.
Weather, Dusk and Daytime are also still present :/


This need deep modifications for both Client AND Server side, so hard to release :/
Shortly after, the server crash because of earthquake (Now the bug is fixed, earthquakes are OK, see below)  :grin:


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