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  1. Weirdly enough I was getting the steam deck just because of limitations of not sharing skins on different accounts. Even after the announcement of DS:T coming to the switch. However this is just a bonus how I see it. Really can't thank you enough Klei.
  2. The design for the sea weeds reminds of Disney's Alice in Wonderland flowers from the "Golden Afternoon" segment of the film.
  3. Yeah, a long time ago when there originally intended to be three level of the caves (3rd level being the lava area) the tentacles were suppose to connect to a major beastie. Nevertheless not sure if it would have ever been implemented in that way either. If I can remember correctly Kevin teased it could have kept going even beyond that. Just keep the speculation, mystery, and horror of how the world of don’t starve worked. I always imagined it look like Shoggoth (HP Lovecraft’s Cuthulu mythos) or Mantorok (Eternal Darkness).
  4. Wow the writers are really pushing the H.P. Lovecraft's "Shadow Over Insmouth," inspiration when it comes to the ancient civilization lore. I kind of assumed that was the direction they were going with before hand. However it seems to be closer to that premise with this update. Now I am wondering even if it's Charlie we will really be facing in the end, or some other eldritch creature (that has taken over her body).
  5. Looking forward to what is coming, even if I have not been playing as much as I would like to. I'm glad that those contentious balance issues will eventually get sorted out.
  6. I am kind of disappointed as well hearing it's going to be standalone. Since it seemed it was going down the RoG path of just adding in content to the base game. RoG in my opinion was perfect DLC integration I have ever seen, and gave you the most “bang for you buck.” Originally I assumed you were guys were going to use Kevin's cave hack again. So when you came across a randomly spawned wrecked boat in the over-world, it would take you to a new map generation (like caves). When you wanted to go back you just simply had to go to the world's end (corners of the maps) in order to back to the main over world. Nevertheless I am curious what is the problem with some sort of integration? Is the old engine reached it limits and can't use the cave hack? Or is it because the new content would simply not be possible without a whole new DS engine overhaul like DS:T? Is it because it finally hits that memory limit that happens when you have too many mods loaded into DS engine? The only answer I would not except is that it's because it would be easier to port over to other platforms without worrying about future issues.
  7. @ Ipsquiggle So this seems to works overall. However there is one small problem and it could be a bug. When you go to server details and hit the “view world” button (via the client) it will not show you anything that has been changed. So for instance on my server I turned up chess and merms to the max (as a test). When I get into the server it holds to be true; since I can see merms and chess pieces everywhere. Nevertheless when I exit out of the server and check the world view from the client, it shows that merm and chess pieces are set to default. So anyone who gets in the server and thinks the world is normal, will be in a bit of surprise once they get in it. A friend of mine said he had to create a server map from his client and then ported over that save to his dedicated server to get around this issue.
  8. New bug I stumbled onto after I had a random crash, is where you can no longer attack Birchnutter's (the small minions that the birchnut tree guard spawns at you) anymore. The video below shows off the bug off itself. EDIT: I did try to attack them without any mods but it still won't allow me to attack them.
  9. I'm sorry, are you trying to get a reaction out of me? Since that is the second time you have quoted/commented my post. Which is a bit redundant because the argument was already settled a couple of days back. When they announced when the full integration is going to be released on the 21st. Anyhow bug wise with the content creator branch. I did another test without any mods to see if Abigail is still broken. Sure enough it's still an issue. I know that Joe did see this yesterday, as we were live streaming. However I just wanted to re-confirm it's an issue without any mods. Not only that but it appears that even the grave rising ghosts don't do any damage either. Here a short video with the bug in action: Nevertheless having fun so far. Even though we have not had many Giant encounter so far beyond Deerclops. Or another giant that has his own home now (being vague one purpose).
  10. It was actually Kevin (DS's lore master) who originally stated that (though Mark was there). Here is the stream where he answers my question on that particular subject. Skip to about 53:40 seconds in. However I am not sure if he is referring to the nightmare monsters, Charlie, or something completely different.
  11. For a moment there I was starting reading that with the mind of Liam Neeson voice tacked on from the Taken franchise (could not stop laughing for a minute there). I kind of feel the same way to a extent. However I don't feel that betrayed about that DS:T announcement puzzle they had. In some ways it did continue the lore for DS universe.
  12. I am speculating that this might be the beginning of the established timeline lore for DS:T that takes place after DS original timeline. Since it seems that the gif seems to show how Wilson and Maxwell are now on even footings with each other. However they still seem to be rather upset at each other (which is natural). I am still wondering what is going to break up that fight where they have no choice to join forces. A greater evil (like Kevin said during one of the live streams).
  13. I take it you have not visited the steam forums of late? Or know people in general who seems to be on the other perspective of you. The ones who basically take any bit of misgivings and turn into their own private way to spread their misinformation about the current state of the game. In my opinion I rather not have that happen. It would be better to get in the rest of the major features in first (via this RoG beta). Instead of getting spam of "Klei you broke the game; fix now" on any of the forums. It's annoying at best. Even when they know it's still in beta. So better safe then sorry.
  14. Awhile back ago one the developers (don't remember if it was Seth, or someone else) had talked about the reasoning why Woodie was not added in yet. Simply because the beaver vision is a technical issue that needs a overhaul for DS:T specifically (beyond any balancing issues). Same goes with the Moogles sharing that same technical issue. Hence if one or the other was brought into DS:T then bringing the other one would soon follow in it's footsteps. It's something along those lines. Since I don't recall if it was in a post or during one of their many livestreams broadcasts on Twitch. I have no idea if they figured something out though. It's a bit of my speculation on what they are doing for the future development of DS:T. Considering you never know what direction they might choose to go do next. If Moogles becomes too much of an issue they might shelve it temporally and move onto the next thing. You never know. EDIT: Found it. It was Seth and it was in his last fireside chat thread about RoG. Sorry If I did not find the quote right away. It's a bit past midnight and I am a bit tired. Plus I actually did not think it was there originally.
  15. Not so fast. The Giants have to be added first. Probably the Moogles too; which in turn might make it possible to add Woodie in a bit sooner then latter (if the night vision problem has been solved). EDIT: Changed the word "with" to "if." So now it's: "if the night vision,,,,," Making it a speculation statement instead of it being a misleading conjecture. I apologies for that typo.