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  1. I think Beatrice was the first mod character related to bees. A little less involved than other versions of this archetype.
  2. Happy I got mine awhile back. I hope they add some more versions of Chester latter on.
  3. The design for the sea weeds reminds of Disney's Alice in Wonderland flowers from the "Golden Afternoon" segment of the film.
  4. You think they could start pushing new weather effects into the ocean? Kind of like sandstorm with Oasis desert when Antlion spawns.
  5. Only got to play a little bit today but is it medium to close range in order to hit something?
  6. Interesting a Himalayan salt lamp. My preferred salt when cooking things.
  7. Yes, some things got transferred over already (ocean, wobsters, waves (to certain things), treasure/message bottles, and etc). However did some of the major mechanics get transferred over? Poison, new weather/environmental effects, new hunts, and new nightmare creature/hound type for ocean just to name a few things. I think they might eventually get transferred over, but it will either get retooled or slowly get drip fed into the game. I am not saying it's not going to happen. I don't disagree that more should get transferred over. However it is going to be a slow process. Honestly I am not a huge fan of placeholder content but that is what all those Sea Stacks are everywhere for. Probably when they finish "return of them," they might have another update focus on island entitled "trouble in tropical paradise." Which of course adds more things not just from Shipwreck but elements from Hamlet as well. They might open a mode where the main land gets broken up. However that might happen towards the tail end of the development cycle. Since there is still a bunch of things that can be added. I think Klei opened ocean content so they have more room to breathe for new content (perhaps for some older content as well).
  8. I still surprised that certain things from Shipwreck did not make it's way over into DS:T. However I know the devs don't simply want to cut and paste content, or they will be called out for it. Plus there are few people who thought Shipwreck was too easy (same with Hamlet). However I heavily disagree with with the latter mindset, since there will always be a plateau of difficulty (in any game). Anyhow I think we are eventually going to get certain things back, but it's slowly going to evolve and repurpose for DS:T.
  9. I remember Frog Webber was a thing. Unfortunately that mod does not work anymore.
  10. Honestly the worse deaths are due to me being too greedy. Still happens to this day. Oh I should collect this [insert: whatever item that seems abutment at the time] even though I know [insert: the bad thing will kill me in the end]. One moment latter..... Well I should have went with my gut feeling instead of death by hubris yet again.
  11. I want Woodlegs with the ability to have exclusive access nautical tab from shipwreck. It's because selfishly I cannot get used to the bulky boats we have in DS:T. Lol He probably would be the dead last character to be added once all the sea stuff is finished.
  12. Yeah, a long time ago when there originally intended to be three level of the caves (3rd level being the lava area) the tentacles were suppose to connect to a major beastie. Nevertheless not sure if it would have ever been implemented in that way either. If I can remember correctly Kevin teased it could have kept going even beyond that. Just keep the speculation, mystery, and horror of how the world of don’t starve worked. I always imagined it look like Shoggoth (HP Lovecraft’s Cuthulu mythos) or Mantorok (Eternal Darkness).
  13. Wow the writers are really pushing the H.P. Lovecraft's "Shadow Over Insmouth," inspiration when it comes to the ancient civilization lore. I kind of assumed that was the direction they were going with before hand. However it seems to be closer to that premise with this update. Now I am wondering even if it's Charlie we will really be facing in the end, or some other eldritch creature (that has taken over her body).
  14. Looking forward to what is coming, even if I have not been playing as much as I would like to. I'm glad that those contentious balance issues will eventually get sorted out.
  15. I am kind of disappointed as well hearing it's going to be standalone. Since it seemed it was going down the RoG path of just adding in content to the base game. RoG in my opinion was perfect DLC integration I have ever seen, and gave you the most “bang for you buck.” Originally I assumed you were guys were going to use Kevin's cave hack again. So when you came across a randomly spawned wrecked boat in the over-world, it would take you to a new map generation (like caves). When you wanted to go back you just simply had to go to the world's end (corners of the maps) in order to back to the main over world. Nevertheless I am curious what is the problem with some sort of integration? Is the old engine reached it limits and can't use the cave hack? Or is it because the new content would simply not be possible without a whole new DS engine overhaul like DS:T? Is it because it finally hits that memory limit that happens when you have too many mods loaded into DS engine? The only answer I would not except is that it's because it would be easier to port over to other platforms without worrying about future issues.