How about real hardcore?

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I know there is a hardcore character available for those who find him in the 3rd chapter of Adventure Mode; Wes. In fact, he is the hard mode: deals 25% less damage, his stats are 25% smaller than Wilson's, his hunger does go down 25% faster and he can't talk. His only perk is having balloons, which are not useful at all, but after playing him for a while, strategies are easier actually. You can eat more food, so it doesn't spoil. Lower sanity is actually better than higher sanity; health is not a problem if you know how to fight, and if you know how to dealing less damage doesn't bother you.

If you can play him perfectly, then you can say you really are a good player. But there's a factor that makes every single character too easy: Respawning. How to craft an effigy? 4 boards/16 logs. So basically you need to chop down 6 big trees. You can do this with one single axe, which is 1 stick n flint. Short work. Then you need 4 meat, and if you hunt one koalefant, you can make one stew with 4 meat and cook 4 meat for the effigy. Then you need beard hair, which you get by killing rabbits with the sanity below 40 or so. To capture rabbits you only need grass and twigs. You can keep 1 rabbit and chop down another 6 big trees and kill 3 T1 spider dens for 6 silk so you can do a top hat. Then you can craft a Prestihatitator and your Effigy is down.

So you can respawn with 2 axes for the boards and logs, 1 axe for silk, the loot of 1 dead koalefant, grass and twigs for traps and rocks+gold for science machine, which you can aswell find on the ground. 

You don't even have to do anything for touch stones and life giving amulets, the later even has a chance to be digged up via graves, which lowers your sanity so you can even farm beardlings for a meat effigy while trying to find a life giving amulet. Or you can craft it, either way:

Characters are too easy with spawn points, it's not even about survival anymore. I can understand those who hate their world being deleted at death. But in the case of Wes, which is considered the hardcore character, there's no excuse for having a respawn. I mean, you knew it's gonna be hard when you started to play this character.

To make Wes a really hardcore character I think he shouldn't have the power to craft effigies, nor to wear amulets, neither to click touch stones so surviving has to be a concern that way.


Sorry for bad english.

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The only thing that can stop you from making effigies at day 3-5 is the rng of beardling's loot. It's a 20% chance to drop beard hair. Or if your spawn is unfortunately far from any resources.

I do not like spawn points, so i don't use them. It's just a suggestion about making Wes harder. Right now it's actually pretty easy, because you can respawn whenever you screw things up.

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It's easy?


The -30 health decrease is easy?


I think you forgot to mention he takes more damage from everything.


I never make effigies anyway. I use touchstones or slam on a life giving amulet the second before I die.


If you don't want them, don't use them.


Or, if you actually, truly want hardcore, make your settings Lights out. Or better yet, Lights out with all mobs set on Lots, and make it always winter, and play as Wes. There you go! Hardcore! Then you'd truly appreciate the spawn points!

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The -30 leaves you with Maxwell's health, which is not that hard. With armor nothing can one-shot you unless you try to tank bearger or dragonfly, which is dumb. And if you die, you respawn. If you don't set a spawn point, you don't have penalties.

Anyway, that's just a suggestion. For light's out you need grass, twigs + mushrooms mainly, and you have to be very careful. 

Light's out winter only is pretty difficult, but let's not be offtopic. :grin:

For me seems a pretty good idea not to have respawn points as Wes, as he is considered the hardcore character. I mean, there is nothing in this game difficult to outrun or kite, the dragonfly would be the only exception. I will quote you and say that there are some pretty difficult situations in this game (hardcore, there we go), but one effigy is enough to survive hundreds of days. If you screw-up, you respawn, prebuild another effigy and go get your items. So it's not really that hardcore.

See what I'm talking about?

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