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  1. You said yourself that you use the macro. http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/53407-how-to-be-a-dst-pvp-god/#entry634041
  2. Armor is overpowered if you learn how not to get hit in meele, a.k.a kiting. Deerclops does 3 damage to your health if you have logsuit and football hat, as an example. Kiting: You hit an enemy a x number of times, then before he starts doing the attack animation, you run, when he finished the attack, go back and hit him more. When you start getting good at it, combat it's so easy.
  3. It's not the best method at all. Whilst I do agree farming silk for clothing is annoying, clothing will give you so much time without worrying about temperature n that makes it worth to farm silk for it, especially in long runs where you don't have nothing to do. I'm not saying it's not time consuming, but using clothing is definetely much more efficient than using thermal stones.
  4. @hotflungwok, i recommend you to not ever use thermal stones, they are very bad, cause even if you have good clothing, thermal stones will cancel clothing's effects and they will cool you down/warm you without the clothing slowing down that fact, so basically if you got puffyvest with beefalo hat and a thermal stone on maximum heat, it's the same as if you got only the thermal stone. You should not use them alone either cause they heat up/cool down slower than you do and they only keep you warm/cold for about 2 minutes whilst with the clothing you can go up to 8 minutes. Use floral shirt for summer without thermal stone and use puffy vest in winter without thermal stone.
  5. Well there are a lot of strategies for food sources, you should search or figure it out yourself, is the best when you play the game your own way. Armor combo early-game is logsuit+football helmet, but unless you are in a dangerous position, you only need one of those two. As weapon, again, you play the game the way yo wanna play the game. You can use spears, hambats, tentacle spikes etc.
  6. @Narkon, it's normally that when you are new to RoG summer is a little bit harsh. So lemme give you some 101 for summer: From day one, start collecting tons of resources, like 40 twigs, 40 grass, 40 flint, lots of food etc. Chop down some trees and get 30 logs, then rush to the mosaic/rocky biome and get a two stacks of rock, 20 nitre and gold. Follow roads and all, you don't usually spawn very far from the mosaic. After that, build a science machine, prebuild an endothermic fire (nitre and grass) by crafting it and pressing right click instead of placing. Hammer down the science machine with hammer. After that, rush to the desert biome. Be sure to follow roads. Then when you find the badlands, set up your base in a place near it or in it that you feel is close to resources. Make alchemy engine and place down a firepit and an endothermic fire pit. Then after this go search the swamp, be sure to follow roads that you think they go to the swamp, get 3 silk and 12 reeds for papyrus. After this, search for clockworks (wooden thing/set pieces) to get gears and make an icebox then craft one thermal stone and put it in the icebox. At this point all you do in summer is get one frozen thermal stone, collect 5 cacti, do a floral shirt with the flowers you get from cacti (3 silk 3 papyrus 5 cactus flowers). Be sure to not wear thermal stone with clothing, cause the overheat you get from a warm thermal stone isn't delayed by clothing and thermal stones don't have a high overheating delay, so it's better to use clothing. Eat cactus flesh from cacti. Summer is over. TL;DR: Collect resources. Go to rocky biome/mosaic, get rocks. Go to desert, set up base. Go to swamp for reeds and silk. Go search gears for icebox. Make clothing and eat cactus flesh all summer. You can do all of this in less than 3 days if you are experienced, cause you know how worldgen is, and even if you don't know where to look, if you follow roads you get pretty much everywhere. 20 days of spring is too much.
  7. Even if he is animated like that (flying), that's now how entities work. So yeah, he gets stuck behind firepits. Ur welcome.
  8. Cause he can't destroy firepits, so you can use two firepits close together as a barrier, and as the player is a smaller entity, he won't get stuck by the barrier. So you can attack the dragonfly, and the dragonfly cannot walk towards you.
  9. Not really, cause the range of his swipe combined with his speed make him impossible to kite unless you are on a road and you are using a cane. You can tank his swipes, tho, and only kite the AoE. Getting him stuck behind two boulders or firepits and kiting him is the most efficient way to kill him cause you don't have to waste armor and health. And a lot of resources. Gunpowder is useless.
  10. Starting items: abigail's flower. Haha, I get it. You son of a good woman.
  11. It magically allows the dragonfly to be kited very easy, without you needing 14 gunpowder to finish him. See:
  12. @JadedMeiji, that may be happening cause you modified the settings, I reccomend you using default, it provides the best gameplay experience and all the features.