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Death by a thousand needle's / need some advice ;D


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Hello everybody.

I was really succesfull in finding a good camp quite close. Able to go the semi vegetarian(I guess monster meat is still meat) I have a about 12 farms, 30 grass plants, 30 twig plants, 5 bee houses. I am not too good with cooking but I have noted that monster meat is really easy to come by, as there are several egg nest near the swamp. Combined with the honey I now have 1.5 boxes full with honeyd ham and enough supplies to probally make 2-3 more boxes full.

I am growing mostly Eggplants as I heard its second best food to make but I often get rattatoeie(sp?) or other useless stuff.

My place is right above a relative large buffaloo area, able to get 20 poo every " respawn". About 1 hour to the north I can harvest Meat and Silk for sick amount. about 50 each run of each. West is the pig King if I need some gold, however I don't want to invoke the wrath of goat - I gave him my left overs of digged up graves. Bit further is a huge stone field if I need stones/gold.

However I have now everything in abundance (lowest amount would be a handfull of fireflies which I am activaly using to create paths in the darkness). I have used the mining helmet to speed up the progress so I could work at night too, but I'm kinda at a dead point thanks to my accident.



I have about 3 more " screens" to the east full with bees. I have layed an entire mine field around my camp, about 40 bee mines and placed monster meat at each of them to lure the dogs in. As expected the mines exploded, what didn't go as expected is that actually live bees came out of it and that the dogs ate all the meat, and thus triggering all the mines before the bee's killed them. Now I have my professional army consisting of roughly 200 bee's in and around my camp kinda decimating anything that looks threatfull(except me luckily).

Anyways back to my question: What should I do now? I have enough food income to last for ages, enough tentacles and log armor to withstand anything that might break through 200 bee's. Everything is in abundant and I switched to wilson to grow a beard - but is there anything that I " should" be doing? As stated I try not to hurt wildlife because I dont wantto invoke the goat. Thanks and hope you enjoy my bee's of death :D

P.S. This game is worth MUCH and MUCH and MUCH more than 11 euros. Keep up the good work! I love it. ^^

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Have you created all hats and the dapper vest yet?

I havent created the dapper vest because for some reason all my hounds teeth go missing and I have no idea how. Got only like 4 or something. I havent created the feather hat either because that requires me to kill a bird, same with pig helmet. :o

Kal, I really hope that won't happen. ^_^

On a side note it would be cool to make a new item ( it might be a bit overpowerd) but it's basicily a stick with honey(or flowers maybe?) that attracts all the bees in the yard and will follow you as if you are the lord of bees. You can also throw the stick at an enemy causing all the bees to attack the target. ^_^

That would be so awesome ^^

I had some more screenshots of my camp infested with bees(i have about 3-4 times as much as what u can see on that picture) but for some reason it also makes a screenshot of my second monitor and tv...

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